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Sunday, May 21, 2006 9:01 AM

Yesterday was the day of the NJC Funtasia. Or at least I think that was what it was called. I don't know.

Initially I had planned to go for church straight after that, stace came an hour later than me. By the time we actually finished doing all the things we wanted, it was about 4pm, and I was too tired to go anywhere.

NJC is quite huge. The canteen stretches from more or less one end of the school to another! Anyway, after long walk, I found Pammie's and Sharon's stall. It was the kind of game where you got to get the loop from one end of the wire structure to the other end without touching it. I played it once and actually did not die! Haha.

Then I followed Pamela and Grace Leung (ex-schoolmate, both hpps and smss) to get our hair coloured. Those two are crazy, they had theirs done in almost every colour, or at least a wonderful combination of pink, glitter, green, orange, black and who knows what. Haha. I just had mine done in blue and pink with a bit of glitter.

After that I went strolling around; I had to find Sabrina Da-ge to give her a CD. The canteen was super crowded, it took me about 10 minutes or so to find her. And I bought my lunch from her stall. Chicken burger.

Stacey finally came soon after. It was so amusing trying to find each other. We were both at one side of the canteen. Then when I told her that I saw her, she was like, "What? Where are you?! I don't see you!" Diao.

Went with duchess sharon and stacey to Zestin's stall. It was really stupid. He told me his stall was on the right. I apparently took the wrong point of view and stacey and I went to the wrong side of the canteen. But in the end, we found zestin there! Then, he led us to his stall. I think we abadoned him along the way; we lost him in the crowd.

One of my ex-hpps schoolmate, Estella, was holding this really fun stall with her classmates. They give you three bags filled with flour and water, and you have to throw and make it burst on at least one of the "goblins" to get a prize. For a normal game, you'd have to stand at a particular spot, and the "goblins" run about.

For little kids, the "goblins" would stand in a line, and let the kid stand right at the border ring of their run-about-area. Then if the kid didn't burst the bag when he or she threw it, the goblins would pick up the bags and burst it on themselves and go "Yay!! You did it!!" Lolx. Super cute.

Zestin's stall was a brownie stall. Sinful stuff, man. but quite nice. Bumped into my schoolmates, Joy Sim and Naomi Cher there. Later on, we went to get stacey's and sharon's hair done. Sharon's hair was super rockin', it was just streaks of more or less every colour.

Dickson did come for the fun fair, but we lost track of him everytime. He would be following us, then we lose him, then he finds us, then we lose him again. Evil twin brother.

Pamela gave me a ride home at about 4pm cause she was headed to a hockey match along the way.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:
See that extra male being second from the left? That's Zestin. Evil person did not burn my CD for me. Anyway, from left to right: Sharon, Zestin, stacey, me, pamela. Check out my hair! Haha.

A nice picture of duchess, twinnie and me.