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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 10:12 PM

Sunday School Botanical Gardens outing, 21st May 2006. It was quite ok. Rather than play games like the others did, Jess, tim, ariana, taz and I went off for a long walk around the place. We stole a bag of chips too. Timothy claims that it's his sin for stealing cause we actually did not know whose bag of chips it was. Anyway, the basis of everything was walking, talking and picture-talking. Some shots to see...


botanic gardens 007

Imagine with some graphic touch-up, these two pictures could have been like album photos for a Music CD. Haha. the "8ammers" new album, entitled "Garden Praise". Lame.

After that came my brother's bowling outing. I actually bowled 100+, i was so shocked. Jessie and Taz were about to slit my throat. Haha. Then we played a round of pool, which we were not able to finish, because by the time we needed to go home, we still had half the balls left on the table. We're so pathetic. Haha.

My brother attempted to teach jess, taz and I, or more specifically, Jessie, how to play Risk. Interesting game. But we girls got owned big time.

Today was quite fun. Leadership Training at Raffles Marina. I spent about half the time with my class mate Mei Ting, if not, wondering around on my own or talking to other schoolmates.

We learnt how to "belay" (i think that's how you spell it) in rock climbing. I suck big time. I kept on messing up where my hands should be placed and how to move the ropes when someone is 'falling'. Bleaghz. Hopefully I will not injure anyone on the actual day of camp. In the rock climbing itself, I sucked even worse, I slipped twice, and by the third time, I was pretty exhausted already.

Then we had outdoor cooking. That was pretty exciting. The last time I did outdoor cooking was Girls' Brigade Junior Leaders Camp 2003, i think. Our food was pretty basic stuff, but it did not taste too bad for outdoor cooking. We cooked macaroni in creamy mushroom soup, scrambled eggs with carrots and soy chicken with pepper and salt. For dessert, we ate out of a can of fruit cocktail in syrup.

Then we learnt how to pitch the tents. Yep, we shall be sleeping in tents in the tennis courts of Raffles Marina. Sho fun. The tents are huge though, a little stinky and stuffy, but quite good.

Lastly was a walk-around to see the various venues where activities will be held for us. The two trainers took us walking down the docks and we sat outside this tiny lighthouse and just enjoyed the sea breeze. One of the club members there actually owned a boat that was designed exactly like a pirate ship! It was so cool.

By the end of the day, we were so tired. Imagine if in one day, leaders are already super tired, then how's the entire sec3 cohort going to do for FOUR days? Scary.

Another thing: My nomination for NorthWest CDC sent in courtesy of my school has actually been accepted. I have been invited to attend the first meeting this saturday morning. There's just one problem - There's a compulsory camp to be held during June Holidays, and one of the days is the same day as the "Arise-Praise and Worship Event".

I really want to go for that concert! I even invited duchess sharon already and she said ok. If I don't go, the tickets are super wasted. Yet, this NorthWest CDC thing will probably look good on my records and stuff.