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Friday, May 26, 2006 7:56 PM

You know sometime ago I said I wanted to make a list of things to do over the june holidays?

Well guess what? I either created the list subconsciously or all the stuff to be done just dropped on my shoulders suddenly.

So starting with Important Dates:
1)27 May - Northwest CDC First meeting
2)27 May - West House Opening (Church)
3)29 May - Shopping with Tessa
4)30 May - Camp Leaders' Training (Final Preparations)
5)31 May to 3 June - Sec 3 Dots Connection Camp
6)6 June - English Oral Examinations 12.30pm
7)10 June - 'Arise!' Praise and Worship Event 3pm
8)10 June to 12 June - Northwest CDC Induction Programme (stayover)
9)16 June - Leaders' Training (Preparations for Leaders' Conference)
10)17 June - Combined 'Festival of Praise', Lync and 9am band
11)19 June - Leaders' Training (2nd Preparations for Leaders' Conference)
12)21 June - SouthZone Student Leaders' Conference
13)21 June to 23 June - Sonic Fest Boot Camp 2006
14) Chinese, mathematics and science tuition regularly

And now for Things that I definitely have to get done:
1) History Elective SBQ Assignment
2) History Elective Project Work
3) Physics Homework
4) A Maths Coordinate Geometry Homework
5) Media Club Archiving Project (by the second week of June. shit.)

I have the greatest feeling that there should be more things on the list of "Things that I definitely have to get done", but I can't seem to recall anymore, so yeah.