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Sunday, May 28, 2006 10:14 AM

I just realised how lazy I actually am to blog... haha. Well, here comes a long entry then

27 May...
was one heck of a long day. I was out for most of the "i'm awake" hours.

I kicked myself out of bed at 6.30am in the morn to get ready to go to school. Parent-Teacher meeting. It went well. Ms Chang got held up at first, and thus was about 5 minutes late. Anyway, we got the first slot. I scored 2nd in standard! WHEEE. xD

And straight after that, mum and I took a nice half hour drive to Woodlands. We took a lot less time than we expected. Ha. Since I had half hour to stone, Mum and I went to the McDonald's to snack a bit. Then I met up with Jayne and we went up to the CDC Office.

We felt so alien there. Haha. There were students from many different schools, most from schools around the area of Woodlands. So we got some ice breakers, a camp briefing and a sharing on thoughts, expectations and concerns etc. It was not too bad, we made some new friends. The only thing that Jayne are concerned about is whether this cdc thing may be too time-consuming.

Then had lunch with mum and kor at a Japanese place in Raffles Town Club before mum dropped me off at church. Uncle Hali spoke and I thought his topic was a really good one. It was about being spiritually "dry" and how to refresh yourself again. Then was the opening of the West House!!

West house rocks. Haha. Most of them went to play frisbee, while some of us stayed in the house just to chill and relax. At the same time, we were also trying to plan how to surprise elena.

So this was what happened: Daphne pretended that she needed to go get something somewhere and said she would meet us at wherever we were going for dinner later on. She dragged elena with her. The rest of us were to 'head off' for dinner, but actually, what we did was to walk around then to go back to the west house. Thus, meow, jingxuan, linette, taz and I headed to the prayer halls and just rested there. Denise then called me and the five of us headed back.

Back at the west house, sherman, huiting, matthew crawshaw, tim huang and denise were already waiting. Taz and I set up the computer to show the special "birthday presentation" to elena once she comes through the door. Oh right, the other part of the plan: Along the way, daphne would keep on getting calls from her "classmate Jamie", who is actually denise telling her the plans. When the time was right, daphne dug into her bag to realise she left her ipod behind in the west house and needed to go back and get it.

The funniest thing happened when I think it was sherman who got the cake, but he did not have a lighter, matches or a knife. Diao. In the end, We planned to use a ribbon to saw the cake and one of us had a lighter

When elena and daphne were really close to the west house, the whole lot of us dived to the floor and curled up, hoping she would not see us. Then when daphne opened the door, taz stuck out her hand and began playing the presentation and we all went "Surprise!!" Haha.

After the presentation was over, daphne had to clear her throat very loudly a few times before sherman got the signal to bring out the cake. Lolx. Nuts.

The last surprise was the best of all. Meow dragged elena outside, pretending that he needed help finding something in the fields that was meant for her. The rest of us grabbed the surprise - eggs and flour. Then we slowly crept up behind her, and began pouring flour and smashing eggs on her. Then we ran. Gross, she actually caught us and touched with her sticky and powdery hands. Haha. But it was fun.

After we all got cleaned up, we headed to our dinner place, Crystal Jade Kitchen at Plaza Singapura and was joined by Dara, Dinesh, Jonathan Phua and Glenn. Later we all headed to Ben and Jerry's at the new Cathay place for dessert. The "on the way there" was really hilarious. JingXuan was walking super fast. Thus, linette and I kept on trying to hold her and slow her down, but she kept on pulling real hard. We kept on laughing as we did this. Everytime we pulled harder, JingXuan will move whichever side is pulling harder on her towards the wall. Lolx. After munching down some sorbet, Mum came and picked me up.

29 May
Since nothing exciting happened on sunday, I'll just talk a bit about monday. Taz, Iris and Faith had to go buy clothes and shoes for confirmation. They needed all-white gear. Haha. I was like their fashion judge and babysitter. xD

Anyway, we went to wisma atria, paragon, cineleisure... and when I left at about 3, the only purchases were two pairs of white sandals for iris and faith. None of them had bought any clothes yet! Lolx.