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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 8:59 PM

As stupid and lame as this may sound, I am officially near tears because I have just found out that in the story of Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin dies in the end. Not like a natural death due to old age, but because of an illness, which is really sad. I love Kenshin!

And now on to other things; Well, as I have said before, I'm off to camp tomorrow. So that equals to four days and three nights of outdoor activities, roughing it out, sleeping late, waking up early and rushing shower times. Whee.

This morning was fun. I was actually planning to get up at 5.30 am to get some running done on the machine in the basement... I ended sleeping through my alarm. Or actually, it was more like I woke up, turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. Gee, I'm awesome. Hence, the lazy Valerie Lim ended up kicking herself out of bed at about 7.15 am instead. I salute myself man.

Reached school at about 9 for camp leaders' meeting. Basically, we just needed to finalise the discussion and planning for the different committees. Guess what? Welfare people almost ended up screwing up our plan for shower times because we thought that we were told that there were two toliets to use, but instead, we only have one. Thankfully, we've been given two hours for all groups, so the plan still works out fine.

Julia and Jean got us welfare girls to come up with a camp cheer after that. We came up with a pretty nice one actually, adapted from a cheer that was used to tease someone back in secondary one i think. Don't ask me. Anyway, it's still not very smooth, but it's quite decent and the other leaders liked it. Thank goodness, we were wrecking our brains for quite a while, because cheers are quite hard to create. My welfare leader is holding onto our copy of the cheer so I can't post it here now. Heh.

Then the leaders had to gather together to learn the song that we are going to perform for campfire night. The campfire committee are good man, the song is hilarious!! Haha. I shan't post any particular details about it here so as not to spoil it.

But it'll be funny. Trust me.