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Monday, June 05, 2006 11:57 PM

And I finally get down to blogging about camp. Oh but before that, just a note: I've found out that apparently someone I do not know but someone else does has been reading my blog and has been said to have a crush on me. I don't know you, I'm happy single, plz buzz off. Thank You. Now on to camp:

Day 1
Student leaders had to be at school at 7.10am. Sho early. I was so tired, I forgot to pack my toothbrush. Salute me. So we got the entire cohort into their 13 groups, and Phyllis, Stephanie, JingXi and I started taking attendance. Our trainer was not there at the present moment, so the 2nd commander in charge was taking over our group temporarily. Andi. He rocks man.

I did the stupidest thing when I accidentally called out Group 8 instead of Group 13. Oh yeah, i rawk. Lolx. I did that subconsciously literally cause Group 8 was entirely made out of my classmates. Group 13 was made out of girls from 3N8. Haha. No offence to Group 13 - You girls rock my socks!

The bus ride was interesting. We were with Group 3, led by Rebecca, Nabilah and Germaine. We had try to get the girls on the bus motivated for the day. It wasn't easy. We did manage to get them to do some cheers and claps and stuff.

Ice breakers was quite ok. The camp commander, Iza, took over group from there. Still not trainer. Lolx. Iza is super cool. So we did our objective settings and began thinking about our group cheer. Straight after that we had tent pitching, headed by WeiWey and Patricia (Yay!!). We pitched our tents in the tennis court, which appears to be rotting cause there's litter here and there, and there were holes in the ground. Freaky.

And the tent mates of tent #40 are: Joyce, Hannah, PuiWah, Kym, Naomi, Gillian and me.

After lunch, another trainer took over us. This time, we got ourselves a permanent trainer. Felicia actually was not supposed to lead our group, but she ended up doing so, and we love her loads. She's uber cute and cheeky and hilarious lor. We were supposed to have a team building game after lunch, but instead, she let us slack in the air-conditioned toliet, and used to opportunity to get to know us better. Then we had a nice long game of frisbee at the side of the tennis court. We had a practice session first, before we did a frisbee game, capt's-ball-style.

Then Felicia took us up to the tennis court to learn knots and lashing. I couldn't tie my knots properly for nuts; kept on screwing up where the rope goes and all that. Haha. JingXi was super good lah.

After dinner, we had a blind man's trial. I preferred the night walk during sec2 camp to it though. The stupid male trainer kept on spraying us with water when we were blind folded though. Horrible person. Haha.

Leadership workshop was ok. We had to go through certain political phrases and try to interpret what they meant. My group was given the phrase "The map is not the actual territory". Shower was pretty rushed. We had three or four groups at once and there were long lines, so we really had to rush.

That night was quite horrible though. The tent was super hot and stuffy. I kept on waking up in during the early hours of morning. Irritating.

Day 2
I was the second person of my tent mates to sit up from sleeping in the morning and not fall back down to the sleeping bag and snore. Haha. Naomi woke up first and went out of the tent to sort her things, i think.

After breakfast, we went out for our urban challenge. I did not think it was that great but it was quite ok. The fun was that we had to do crazy things, like come up with a way to show off our super powers, write the name of our trainer on our forehead and draw a picture of our team logo on our arm in marker and wear a flower on our ear. The bad one was when we had to walk around Tuas. We were looking for the Speedo company. So we started at Tuas Link 4, and walked past 3 and 2 all the way to 1. Then we walked around the whole thing and ended up back at Tuas Link 4 again. We still had not found Speedo yet. So we stopped at a guard post and asked the security officer. He told us the place was at Tuas Link 2. We were all like "What the hell?!"

For lunch that day, we had to do outdoor cooking, and because it rained, instead of doing the cooking in the forest areas, we did it on the carpark slope. My group failed our cooking man. Our food was quite bad. Haha. Sweet Felicia managed to grab sugar biscuits for us after that as she knew we were hungry.

Next was Kayaking. It totally rawked! I partnered with JingXi and at first we were totally clueless about what to do. Earlier we had to help with the camp T-shirts, so we were both clueless on what was going on. Oh oh, when we were trying to get into the kayak. I managed to sit in, then when JingXi tried to get in, she accidentally too much to the side, and almost tipped the whole kayak over - With me in it! I was screaming. It was so funny. Anyway, while rowing in the water, we had to look for our instructor to tell us what to do. Haha. Ms Chang joined us for kayaking with another teacher. Then we had rafting, where we had to make use of our knowledge of knots and lashes to tie pipes and barrels together to form a raft. Yep, KNOTS AND LASHES, man. I totally suck at them. JingXi and Syamirah did most of the work. Haha. After that, we started playing around with the hose and rinsing ourselves off and stuff.

After dinner, we had a really fun song session, where they taught us songs for campfire and just to sing for fun. I love camp songs; they're so darn cute. They opened the members' toliet to us that night. The showers so rocked. I managed to get in first. Haha.

And because it rained, most of our stuff got wet. The trainers moved us down to the carpark level where we usually eat to sleep there. They laid out ground sheets and set up fans in the empty areas, and we just placed our sleeping bag there and slept. Strangely, I slept well.

Day 3
Again, I was one of the earliest to get up, but thankfully, I slept quite well, so it did not really matter.

The first activity of the day, after breakfast that is, was rock climbing. Ugh. My legs are short and my arms are not strong - I can't climb for nuts. So I belayed. I almost screwed up once though, when someone fell, and I almost forgot to lock. Luckily she did not get hurt. Haha. Ninja turtles rock - Three of our girls managed to climb to the top of the intermediate wall (there's beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Belaying is quite fun though, but it is a little more tiring also. Haha. Felicia thought us student leaders were nuts when we started off with changing belayers for every student. After a while, she told us to belay a few students each before we switch roles.

Activity 2 was archery. The trainer is damn macho man. He's got muscles big time. Haha. I can't shoot arrows for nuts either. At least I managed to hit the board. Oh, but when we had the balloon round, which is when you stick ballons to the board and try to shoot them, I almost hit one, like super close.

They switched the scheudule on us again and we went for lunch. Then we headed to this area near by the rock climbing wall for a team building game. They had this long thin planks of wood with strings tied into them. The game goes like this: Five girls had to stand on the planks, and they had to work together to lift the plank using the ropes, and move their feet at the same time. So if one moves left, all have to lift the left plank; one moves right, all have to lift the right plank. So we had a competition between three groups. It was super hilarious cause we were all screaming and we made mistakes, like people lifted the wrong foot, or could not hear what the front person was saying etc. The trainers made fun of us after that by demonstrating what we did.

Next up came the mass telematch. That was.... quite ok. We had three rounds. The firs t was a message relay. The word was "team" then we had to run up to the tennis court and pitch tents. Lolx. Since it rained the night before, they took the tents down, thus they put it in the game so that the tents would get pitched up. Smart trainers. The last part of the game was to form our team name using our bodies. We were all like "shit... our name is too long", but we managed to get it done in the end - And we weren't the last group xD

We had a long and fun cheering session after that, they taught us a "shark attack" song which is super cute. Then we headed back up to the tennis court for a skit on leadership which the trainers were putting up. It was super funny. They all dressed up as heroes plus a few extra characters like "the wicked witch of the west" and "chicken little" haha. Awesome.

I actually can't remember when we had campfire preparation, but I'll just throw it in here. So we all had to perform for campfire, and it seemed like we were at a disadvantage because we were a solo group, the rest had their buddy groups. So extra man. So we came up with two cheers and a song/act. I shall just show you the two cheers, cause the half of the song is in indian so I have no idea how to spell it. Haha.

The first cheer was a bimbo cheer. Whee xD:
Oh gosh, my shell
I think I need a shellicure
The fire, I swear
Is burning on my gorgeous
We like it, we like it
We really, really like it
You see, we're sexy, we're hot
We're everything, you're not
We're waxy, we're cool
We're popular you fool
We bimbo turtles, we bimbo turtles
Oh yeah

And the second cheer was our official group cheer:
Super man man man, Spider man
Spider man man man, bat man
Super man man man, Spider man
Spider man man man, batman
Who are who are who are we
We are we are we are who
Who are we, we are who
We are...
Teenage *clap clap* Ninja turtles
Teenage *clap clap* Ninja turtles
Teenage *dance dance* Ninja turtles
Teenage *dance dance* Ninja turtles
Teenage *fall to floor* Ninja turtles
Teenage *wiggle like a turtle on its shelll* Ninja Turtles
*Sit up* Mommy!! It's over!!!

LMAO. After dinner, the student leaders were called to unpitch the tents because it was going to rain. So all 40 of us ran up stairs, only to find all the tents, 8-men huge tents, blown over. We were all amazed. So we started to unpitch the tents

While I was unpitching a tent with another student leader, Andrea. We suddenly felt a strong wind blow by and when I looked up, I saw a few of the tents suddenly fly OFF THE GROUND to the side of the tennis court. Then I heard Andrea suddenly shouting, "HEY! THERE'S SOMEONE THERE! DON'T PUSH THE TENT HERE. STOP." and she was looking behind me. Then I felt a tent hit me from behind. I was like "whoa". I had so much trouble getting out of that position. And when I did, our tent started to fly, so Andrea and I were trying to hold down the tents. Then suddenly, all the tents started flying. All the leaders were screaming and trying to chase the tents or hold them down. It was so funny. A once in a lifetime experience. I'm not sure how, but we ended up not holding onto our tent. Then we started running about to the sheltered area wondering what to do. They told us to hurry up and grab the tents. So I ran to help two girls, Andrea and Yan-Li, who were trying to hold on to another tent. We were all screaming cause even when we unpitched the tent, it was still bloated with air. One of us finally unzipped the tent to let the air out. We all laughing like crazy. It was so darn hilarious.

After that we went down for the campfire in the carpark, still laughing. Due to the rain, they had to set up a campfire that did not have a fire, but rather a torchlight in the carpark. Lolx. But we still had fun. My group was the first to perform. It was quite ok. We screwed up our song/act though xD

After singing many campfire songs and watching many hilarious group performances, as well as watching the teachers and trainers get embarassed by doing a funny dance, and forcing our three heads to perform. Andi to sing, Iza to dance, Huda to sing and dance, campfire was over. Oh yeah, the leaders' perform was super funny. Haha. Shakira Shabilah Shabnam!!

I managed to get first to the showers again. Phew. We slept in the tents again that night. I'm not sure why, but Gillian had to move to another tent, I think it was cause of some rashes she had. Poor girl. We all slept well that night though. The tent was cooler than I thought.

And I woke up first again the next morning. Haha. I shan't talk about day 4 cause there's not much to say.