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Monday, June 12, 2006 9:06 PM

YLC Induction Programme 2006

That was fun. I'll try my best to remember as much as I can, since they did not provide us with a timetable of the camp. But then again, we did overshoot a few things.

I had to kick myself out of bed at about 5.30 am on Saturday morning. Mum drove me to Tiong Bahru Plaza and I met up with Jayne at the McDonald's. We saw a few people we rememebered from the first YLC meeting in the area, though we did not go up to say hi to them or introduce ourselves.

After a while of stoning and wondering where everyone was, I got up to check the car pick-up point area near the McDonald's, and saw the CDC people there. So Jayne and I went and had our attendance taken. Jayne was in Group 1; I was in Group 3. We both were in the same dorm though. Yay.

Nothing interesting about the bus ride. The campsite was at the Boys Brigade HQ opposite Great World City - Approximately 5 minutes away only. We got there, saw quite a few older people in blue shirts. They call themselves "The Sky". Haha. Oddly enough, there were only about 29 of us there. There should have been at least 30 something, but in the end, quite a number could not make it. Since it was such a small camp group, plus the fact that at least 4 of them fell ill and were sent home, everyone in the camp knew each other.

Ok so I cannot remember the exact order we did things, so I'll just blog about the different activities we did on all three days.

They brought us to a hall that was air-conditioned. It was freezing. Most of us were wearing shorts. Worse, I didn't even bring a jacket! Anyway, the whole day was mostly playing games. The first activity I remember was this game where they mark out four different regions. You start out as a egg, and have to challenge one another with "scissors, paper, stone". If you win, you evolve into a chick, then a chicken, and then a human. Though I have no idea how that works. I became a human.

There was a catch though. The forfeit for those who remained as eggs, chicks or chickens... was to come up with something for the HUMANS to do. Talk about trickerky. Haha. Dr Gan, one of the sky people there, explained that since humans have better brains than chickens, it's only right that we can do the forfeit properly; it's already bad enough that the chickens have to think of the forfeit. Our forfeit was to bend down and shake our butts. Lolx. It was so funny.

Another game we played was quite a common one, where the first person starts by saying his or her name, then the next person has to say his or her own name and the name of the person before, and the third person has to say his or her own name as well as the name of the two people before, and vice versa. We started with this guy on my right, then me, and so on, in a clockwise direction. Then Dr Gan stopped the game after a few people, and started from another person. Usually you think the person on the first guy's other side would be so dead, but no one had to face that problem of remembering every single person's name.

The morale of the story: Don't assume too much. The strangest things can happen.

Then we got into our groups. Group 3. Haha. Here is the list of members, and I shall try to remember their schools:
1) Valerie (Me!!) - St Marg's
2) Zhuang Yi - Yishun Town
3) Jo Ann - Chestnut Drive
4) Sandra - Methodist Girls
5) Jerome - Fajar Sec
5) Sui Hang - National JC
6) Darren - Hwa Chong (i think. I have no idea how old he is though)
7) Cai Yong
8) Yong Hui
9) Syaikul (I'm not really sure how to spell his name)

We could not decide on a group name at first. Our "sky" people took down a few of our ideas, and we ended up blending them together. So Group 3 officially became APROSHOJP, which stands for...

Addictive Power Rangers Over Silent Hill Of Joyeous Perfection

But we use our nickname more often xD

Later on, they taught us the banana song. I heard it's quite common, but I don't remember ever hearing it before. It was so cute lah. Shake shake. I bet the guys were all like "UHHHHHHHHH....." Haha. The movements are super hilarious. First you have to do like a sexy wave downwards, then you have to shake, then you have to use ur hands to chop, then you blend like super shaking of butt. Haha.

Learnt this cool game called 'Jump'. I'm one of the Jump champions. After dinner, SuiHang, Zhuang Yi and I were playing against some of the sky people - I won two or three rounds. Waha. 5x5 square grid, and you take turns to shout jump, and you must jump into one of the squares. Whoever is in line, be it vertical or horizontal, wit the person who shouted "jump" loses. Haha. Quite Fun.

We had another really interesting game. The "Sky" got us a tent skeleton, and connected the ends to form a long pole. Then we had to support the pole with both our index fingers, and we had to bring it down from chest level to ground level. It wasn't easy at all, it was quite hard and annoying. Especially when they smashed both groups together.

We had this amazing race thing, called Amazing Trace, where we had to be tied together, juz a knot around one wrist each, and two of our groupmates had to be blindfolded, and we were given pictures, and we had to go find the location of the place. At the place, the "Sky" person following us would give us a question. We had to answer it to move on, and so on so forth.

Improv. We had to come up with a skit that featured 10 words given to us in the script. Jerome came up with something hilarious. Haha. Shall not say what exactly it was, coz I was super insulted and teased by the skit, but I thought it was funny. So I was spontaneous, after a while, didn't really care.

We planned a pitstop for the BMW this year! It's called Moon Bun. Won't reveal details either. Surprise. xD

Things we learnt: MPs and Divisions in Northwest District. Resource Management. Event Planning. Communication. Planning Meetings. Service-Learning. Protocol Fine Dining. Yeah that's all I can remember. The fine dining was hilarious. Jerome and I almost could not stop laughing cause everyone was so stiff trying to get the dining etiquette right. Haha.

Oh, we had loads of reflections as well. Then we had this poster thing called an "Affirmation" sheet i think. Not sure how to spell it. Anyway, you write your name as the title. And people go around writing encouraging comments about you. I have:
-Very Motivating
-able to move people on
-cheerful and approachable
-Never Say Die
-encouraging. cheerful. nice friend
-A very sweet gal. All the best! (lolx)
-Helpful and cheerful
-Very friendly
-A very perceptive girl who has many bright ideas
-A great teammate!
-Absolutely hilarious and great fun to work with (Aw. thx Jayne! Haha)

Now whether they're telling the truth or not is another issue. Lolx. That's as much as I can remember. Shall end with saying. The "Sky" oldies rock! APROSHOPJ rocks! YLC5 rawkz! =D