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Saturday, June 17, 2006 11:24 AM

I must be getting real bored with myself these days: I entertain myself by going to people's friendster profiles again and again... sooner or later, people are going to start thinking that I stalk them. Haha. Stupid.

[edit] Adding on some pictures that I took last night after we finished playing ball...

Right to Left: Me, stacey, pam, andrew and a portion of Jarad; Michael was taking a picture of us at that time and I tried out the self-timer mode

Shaky shot of Andrew, dixon and benghong at the computer. Playing the "interesting and fun" (as told by dixon) game, Oblivion.

Horribly-taken shot of me, stace and pam.

Random picture. Left to right: Benghong, michael (who's blocking Jarad), pam (whose face was blocked by stacey) and stace. Sweet.

Yesterday night went to hang out with some ex-6Cians. Stupid Jarad kept on getting the invites wrong, so in the end, there was only 8 of us: Stace, pam, beng hong, dixon, jarad, andrew, michael and me.

I left home at 5.30pm (after 'Pimp My Ride!'. Lolx. Love that show) cause I wasn't sure what time I'd reach there. I'm too punctual lah. I ended up being the first one there - Andrew wasn't even home! Diao. I bumped into him at the bus stop outside Julieta when I got off the 165. Conversation: "Valerie!", "Hey!", "Where are you going?", "Uh, your house?", "But I'm here,", "Yeah, but I didn't see you just now, did I?"


Anyway, walked and talked with Andrew till we reached his place. Then after the discovery that his room looked a lot better during the reunion than it does now, literally because everything was dumped on the floor, pammie and dickson came. Followed by stacey. Beng Hong and Jarad. Then Michael.

While waiting, pam got me and stace to watch Justice League with her. So rawkz man. I lurve cartoons haha. Dixon was playing this game that Andrew introduced him to called, "Oblivion". His character is a female tiger-human. Tiger-human as it has a tiger head, but it can stand on two feet. xD While customising the character, dixon let pammie have a go - and she screwed up the creature's chin. It looked super retarted when she was done with it.

Anyway, had a nice long walk to Pandan Valley where we played a 4 on 4 game there. There were a group of elderly doing tai-chi, so with an immature side still existing in us, a few of the guys kept on imitating them. Lolx. I feel like a disrespectful wild teenager. Haha. On the way there, we were walking on the streets like nobody's business, liked we ruled the roads or something - Cars had to drive around us so as to avoid knocking any of us. Lol!!

Anyway 4 on 4: Andrew, stacey, michael and benghong against Jarad, dixon, pammie and me. I can't shoot for nuts man. So I just kept on passing or catching the ball. Let the two basketball 'superstars' do the work. Haha. Dixon kept on bullying pammie, trying to teach her shoot outside of the ring, a 3-pointer shot in other words. Pammie managed to touch the hoop, but she didn't score. Not bad though, she's got jump and power. Haha.

I was suddenly interrupted when two girls screamed my name. At first I couldn't recognise them cause they were a distance away and I wasn't wearing my glasses, so a bit blind. Then I recognised the smss tennis team skirt, and screamed. Jean Wong and Rachel Koh. Haha. What a surprise!

Rachel/Jean: What are you doing here?
Me: Oh, um, I'm playing ball with some of my primary school mates.. What are you doing here?
Rachel/Jean: We live here!! Haha.

Lolx. Anyway, we stopped playing at about 8+. The boys went to get a drink from the vending machine and us girls were just playing with the basketball. We kept on bouncing it off the wall. Physics experiment: Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection. Lolx. Lame.

This lady came up to us to ask us for directions to one of the blocks. Michael gave her the wrong details, and we had to run!! Haha. Went back to Andrew's place and ordered Canadian Pizza: Spicy chicken, haiwaiin, pepperoni and seafood. While eating, we were watching a few of them play wrestling and burn out (Need for Speed: Most Wanted is nicer xP) I love car games where you go at high speeds and crash into everything.

Dad picked me up at about 10.30 and dropped pamela home. It was quite a short night, but we had fun. I miss the people who didn't make it, the more would've been the merrier!!

I love 6C of HPPS 2003. We rule.