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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 11:25 AM

Sitting in my mum's office now. I'm supposed to be working on that idiotic social studies report - I even asked Denise to give me pointers on Saturday - but apparently, as quoted by Mrs Zhong, "The mind is still in holiday mood"

And I agree with her, because I haven't been able to turn fully turn on that holiday mood till probably the end of last week. Though I did get a chance to put it on "stand-by" last last week friday, when I hung out with Cuitian.

Mum's office server is a killer: No friendster, no youtube. Woe is me. Looks like my only source of entertainment will be my manga and book.

Another thing: If any of you have younger siblings that are quite a few years younger than you (four or more), especially during the holidays, do encourage them to go to sleepover at your neighbour's house more often. You will not believe how nice and silent it was last night because my little sister begged to go sleep over at my neighbour's place.

I'm such a horrible elder sister. And yes, this is a random entry.