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Thursday, June 22, 2006 11:48 AM

So back to the 20th of June, where my attempt to do my social studies assignment, as I had mentioned in my previous entry typed using my mum's wireless keyboard in her office, was a failure.

At 1 something in the afternoon, I ended up at Woodlands Civic Centre. Yes, I was definitely early. I had at least 45+ mins to wait for the CDC people. Walked aroung the library aimlessly for quite a while, till I decided to just sit in the Young People's Section, which surprisingly is really small, and just read some books.

Zhuang Yi came a while after that, she almost couldn't find me at first. When you enter the level where the young people's section is on, the first thing you see is the children's section - Zhuang Yi thought I had been reading kiddy books. No way! Ha.

1.55pm, went down to look for any familiar YLC faces; Some of the guys were already downstairs waiting. We boarded the bus at about 2.20pm, since we had to wait for some people. So few of us were there! Haha. Let me try to recall some of the YLC5 people there, though I shall miss out those whose names I can't spell: Jerome, Edwin, Nelson, Adam, Jayne, Christine, Nureen, Val (me), Sandra, Amanda, Zhuang Yi...

The "Memories at Old Ford Factory" was quite interesting. Lots of facts on the war times, japanese occupation, etc. The main topic was on the British Surrender, which was held at the old ford factory. After a short museum tour, they directed us to a small theatre to watch two national archive videos - And most of us fell dead alseep by the the second one.

I did try my best to stay away though ^_^. I kept on rubbing my eyes and sitting up straight, but by the second film, I gave up and just snoozed.

I got bullied by the guys after that. Numbskulls... haha. I was trying to buy a drink and they kept on pressing the coin return button. Thank you Jayne for saving me. Haha.

After actually managing to find my way home, showering and changing into some clean clothes, Godma picked us up to go to her place for dinner. A "make-your-own-pizza" dinner that actually went quite well. Met Godma's new golden retriever, Barney. He looks almost like Angel. Haha.

My Godsister, Ally, and I in the car.

My cheeky Godbrother, Alex.

And of course, the pizzas that we made. Just to let anyone out there who loves egg know: A pizza rocks when it has egg cooked on it xD




Ok so on to the 21st of June now: South Zone Student Leaders' Conference 2006. That was fun. Haha. I helped out with the registration booth, partnered with MeiTing. At first, I was wondering if Stacey was coming, cause her school had accepted the invitation, and MeiTing and I were in charge of registering her school. Her name wasn't in the list given to us so I said, "Oh well,"

Then stacey came. Haha. Apparently, she was replacing one of the girls in the list given to us. Yay. Meiting was laughing at how jumpy and shocked I was to see her there.

First speech was by Mr. Khoo, the man who climbed Mt. Everest. His speech, about daring to dream mixing in with leadership, was super fun to listen to, cause he's so enthusiastic and hyper. I attended Clinic session E, by Mr. Baharuddin, I think he's a manager of an organisation called "Mercy Relief", and he spoke to us about Leadership in a Community Organisation. Quite interesting as well. The videos he showed were very touching, seeing many people of all ages from all walks of life helping out in the tsunami relief.

I spent tea break and lunch with HuiLing and Meiting. Hannah joined us at some points. Haha. During our lunch, we had to set up the performing arts studio and the hall for the student forum. At the last minute, I suddenly realised that my facilitator and I had forgotten to stick up the paper that was supposed to be used to record the ideas for the forum. Thanks to Melody and MeiTing for helping me to stick them up.

While trying to stick the paper up, Ms Lim started a countdown to chase us out of the hall so that we would have enough time to eat lunch. We were at the other end of the hall, and immediately ran out when Ms Lim shouted, "1/8!!!!" (Yes, she did the 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 kind of count...) We were laughing non-stop once we were outside of the hall.

The student forum was quite interesting. Gaya and I were a little nervous at first cause there were people from different schools. But everything went well in the end. Gaya did the first two questions, then let me try another two questions. I was so scared that I might have a panic attack if I tried to facilitate the discussion, but I did quite ok, and Gaya helped me. (*Thanks Gaya!!) Then Gaya did the 5th question, and I did the last question.

Since we had some time left, we tried playing a few games. The student leaders from Gan Eng Seng, Sendy and Jane, played this trick on Gaya called "Black Magic". Haha. I know how it works - it's quite a cool trick. Then we played Blow Wind Blow a bit. Haha.

Closing speech was by Mr. Martin Tan, executive director of the young leaders' foundation. He's so cool! A really good motivational and youth speaker. Haha. He spoke to us again on the various aspects of leadership in youth, etc.

The conference finally ended and I stayed back to help put back the chairs. Thanks Stacey for helping us facilitators, we really appreciated it! Haha.

Stacey's mum gave me a lift home, and so ends my long interesting day at my first student leaders' conference.