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Saturday, July 01, 2006 12:44 AM

Since it is the end of the first week of term 3, I shall just list one thing that each of my wonderful teachers did during this week.

1) Ms Chang: Was told by us, 3e5, that she greatly resembles Ms Doreen Yeo. We even tried to ask her what she thought of Ms Yeo. Ha!

2) Ms Lee: Scolded us one day for sloppy homework corrections, and gave us chocolates the next day as a gift for youth day!

3) Mr Yee: Had a hard time deciding what to declare this sentence as "When you overeat carbohydrates, not meat, it will eventually convert into fats" since we weren't biology students. He eventually called it 'common sense'

4) Mr Lee: Made us do a letter writing assignment during the first chinese lesson.

5) Ms Ng: Wore this new top that was quite interesting and odd. It was like a button-up collared top, but it had this ribbon-like frills and some ribbons that made it look like a normal blouse from afar.

6) Mrs Koh: Showed us pictures of some volcanic places in Hawaii... but refused to show us her honeymoon pictures that she took while in Hawaii.

7) Mr Anthony: Showed the class his most interesting way of selecting the order for presentations next week. Scary.

8) Mrs Khor: Refused to let history elective students into class on the first day of A Maths cause we were a few minutes late for class since Mr Anthony kept us a bit.

9) Ms Chan: has started teaching chapter 9. ok lame, but there's nothing much here. Haha.

So we had an excursion to the Pier at Marina south. The boat ride was super fun! The wind was quite strong, so when we stood on the deck, it was so fun. All us crazy 3e5 smss girls kept on taking random group pictures and screaming and laughing.

I'm so going to haunt everyone who has pictures. Oh crap i still feel a little dizzy from the ride. Haha.

We were actually supposed to go to learn abt the pier itself, but I don't think anything went into our brains. Haha. But it was still worthwhile.