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Monday, July 03, 2006 10:40 AM

Just to let everyone know: I'm officially crazily obsessed with High School Musical! Haha. So rocked.

Anyway, start off with posting a picture of the boat trip on friday. Thanks to RuYing for it.

Me, Jacinth, Alexis and WaiJean at the lower level viewing deck. Check out our hair! Haha. The wind was awesome!

Went to the Nanyang Girls High Fun fair on Saturday. It was.... ok. Haha. Though it had very little shops compared to other fun fairs I have been to before, almost everything was food or games. My dad, being the generous person he is, bought $100 worth of tickets from Jessie, since she is the daughter of my dad's really close church friend, and Taz and I had to make sure we spend it all. Woe is me.

Well luckily we managed to - $25 to a set of really stylish white speakers, and $30 to two handbags, one for taz and one for me. Haha. Everything else was split into food and some other small trinkets that we bought, plus the temporary hair spraying.

They pick horrible quality hair spray though. The orange-pink colour they used for me... I did wash my hair after the fun fair, but little orange-pink precipitate could be seen stuck in my hair... even till sunday! Gross. Thankfully, I managed to get all of it out by now, i think.

This sunday's 9am service was a special youth service. Haha. The Lync band led worship, so us lync people sat right in front. The sermon by Dr. Esther Tan was great and very funny. Haha. They prayed for us youths and gave us a gift each.

My jedi master came for 9am!! Haha. I was so surprised. Then he bullied me about the hair-spray-precipitate stuck in my hair... evil person! Haha. Anyway, the whole lot of us went for breakfast/lunch at Marina Square. Quite fun.

Sherman and Elena also like High School Musical! Sherman was singing "Breaking Free" a few times. He probably can sing at the same high pitch as Zac Efron.

We did something really funny after breakfast. Elena guessed that the boys would just follow us without even thinking if we just kept on walking in the front and leading them. So we headed for the girls toliet, then they stopped right outside the corridor, and realised where we were going. Lolx!!

Crazy. xD