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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 8:25 PM

Which is more annoying, the telephone or the weighing scale?

I'd say both. Firstly, although the telephone is a wonderful invention designed to benefit mankind by providing us with quick and easy communication, the ringing sound it makes is damn annoying and it's even worse if someone else calls after you finished talking to the first caller. Once, the phone rang at about 12pm midnight. I was so irritated cause the phone just had to be plugged in my room. Secondly, the weighing scale is just plain annoying cause it tells you that you're fat. Simple. Even though it's the truth, it's idiotically difficult to face. Ugh.

I'm so frustrated right now because I just went for a dental appointment, after being at least three months overdue, and found out that I may need another operation to get rid of a tooth. Gag me. This means another week or so of having oversized swollen cheeks and enjoying the feeling like you have a huge pebble glued to your mouth.

The most tragic part about this is that I would have to do it in a few months. Not during end of year holidays, but at least in September. Thank you dear God for letting us students have a week of holidays during September, otherwise I'd be so dead because I'd have to miss out on some of the school curriculum. Allow me to "Ugh" again. UGH!!