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Saturday, July 22, 2006 9:49 AM

Wow. I haven't updated for 11 days. Reasons...
#1:Too busy
#2:Nothing to say
#3:Watching anime =P

Haha. Ok so on thursday, 20th July, St. Margaret's celebrated Racial Harmony Day. I was being a bit fickle-minded because I wasn't sure whether I wanted to wear a costume - In the end, I didn't - My costume would have been this red chinese blouse with dark black dress pants and probably white sandals. I don't know.

Though, some of my classmates came dressed very nicely. Hannah was the cutest lah! We were all teasing our dear class monitress, who came in a bright shiny blue chinese blouse and white skirt and black heels - She looked so pretty! All of us could not help but to tease her. Haha.

Sec3s' programme for the two celebration hours was to play games: Chapteh and Chongkak (not sure how to spell). So I went with Amelia Cheah to play ChongKak. I played against Silvia from 3e6 and I won!! Hee hee. Then I watch Maithilli and Ameliah Cheah play, and Maithilli won. Go Maithilli!! Haha.

Later we had about an hour for recess. There were special PSG stores with ethnic foods but they were so crowded so we just went to buy from the canteen vendors. The school had hired a DJ, so the canteen became fun, but it was so loud! Furthermore, our stupid DJ kept on interrupting in between songs.

Bumped into Vanessa Quek and followed her and her 3e4 classmates upstairs. We officially have a pact with quite a number of, including stupid Teja (who was forced by the way), to wear ethnic costume for next year's racial harmony day. Haha. One thing led to another, and Vanessa and I ended up having a bullying session on Stephanie Teja. She's so fun to tease. Haha. We ended dragging her to the stairs, then being dragged to her classroom, then we dragged her to Vanessa's classroom, then we chased her as she ran back to her classroom, then we brought her back to Vanessa's classroom, then she made her escape. So funny man. xD I told my classmate Maithilli and I think for a few seconds she thought I was crazy.

I had another Admin meeting last night so I had to leave the house again at 4.30pm to make it there by 5.30pm, so at least I have time for dinner. On the train, I was studying my history notes, and some people were staring at me. Freaky. Oh, but I think I caught this rather good-looking guy's eye. Haha. He got off the train before me though, obviously, since I'm the one crazy enough to bother to travel to Woodlands when I start at Newton. Whee.

Ate dinner at McDonald's again, while studying my notes (Yes, people who read this, I am a NERD). Haha. Then went to the library, and bumped into Syaiful at the entrance, but I went inside to study a bit more while he waited outside. Later, met Roy and Alex at the cafe inside the library. Nelson and Florence came shortly after. Meeting went well, we even cleared some things we're not supposed to touch for months. Haha.

Well, that's all I have. I'm going out again today, so that should be interesting. Will blog later.