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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 10:46 PM

As hostile as this may sound, if you're name is Brian, Bryan or whatever as long as it has a pronounciation the same as those two I named, and you're from SJI... Stop reading my blog, dammit. I am super hell not interested.

"What?!! You just ruined my chances!" A quote from you.

My answers: What chances? Your imaginary kindones?

Today's A Math test has officially created the link to my thoughts whacking down hard on my emotional and psychological control... Or in other words, I'm starting to think too much again.. and if you think they are pleasant thoughts, you'd better think again. Of course, I am a great pretender.

Shoutout to Cuitian. Well done for your semi-finals. Heck care that you didn't get in. You definitely have talent, girl! Strive for your goal and never give up your dreams!

After tuition on Saturday, I headed down to McDoanld's to eat lunch and study. Bumped into a load of 3e6 girls there. Haha. Interesting time with them. Met up with Guishireen, Kym, Maithilli, Esther and Alex to prepare for the surprise party for Natasha. Haha. Although because of the fact that Natasha, unfortunately, spotted some of them in the same estate as where we were holding the party... the surprise kind of failed. Haha. Cookies and Cream ice cream cake from Island Creamery, followed by a jump into the pool.

I was literally dripped wet while walking to Nicolle's house to dry off. Yes, WISHES, I am officially the first person to step into our dear Nicolle's place. Haha. Joke... well, truth, actually.

Anyway, after drying off at Nicolle's place, we took a cab and rushed to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Cui was performing for the semi-finals of Teenage Icon 2006. Met up with Pammie in the Starbucks and just chatted a while. Then I dragged the two of them to follow me to purchase comic books at Comics Connection xD. Haha. Magister Negi Magi and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Hee.

Apparently, a senior of mine was in the semi-finals as well. Congratulations to Cassandra for getting into the finals. She sang really well. Cui did well too. Pammie, Nicolle and I were shocked at the current state of her singing voice. I know I heard her sing in her music school's anniversary concert, but her microphone was soft so I couldn't really hear.

And of course, the horrible voting method - We had to purchase Follow Me products and for every dollar, we get one voting slip, in the form of a night cream satchet i think. Cute. Haha.