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Sunday, July 30, 2006 10:46 PM

What has happened since the last time I blogged...

So after the saga on Wednesday, I was feeling pretty crappy on thursday. Stressed built up, plus a little provoking from my dad's concern.. I broke down in the car on the way to school. I just had to let it all out and I did.

I was seriously not up to going school. For once in my life, I feel like cutting for real. Sadly though, thursday 27 July was the day that JieXin and I had to present our history project after so long - I'm good natured. Haha. I couldn't abadon Jiexin so I just went to school. Dad told me that if I wasn't feeling up to it, I could stay home on friday. Well, in the end I didn't, since my physics test was on friday.

Quite surprisingly but thankfully, the presentation went well. Mr Anthony commended us on it. Phew. We were so glad that it was finally over.

Saturday. After tuition, I headed to Plaza Singapura, literally to stone and wait for pamela and cui to get there. Haha. We were going to have lunch and watch a movie to celebrate pammie's birthday. We sat and ate at Mos Burger; Cui was late so she actually doggie-bagged some food from Pepper Lunch (expensive place!) and we chatted and ate. Then we headed down to the Cathay, hoping that we weren't late for the movie. We managed to get front row seats (yeah we rock) to Lake House. It's damn nice! Anyone who wants to watch it, I don't mind watching it again!!! Haha. It was so romantic lah. Cui at first didn't get the story, lolx, pammie and I had to explain it to her after the show.

I hate movie tickets. They're priced so darn high. $9.50!!! robbery!!

Then we went to sit in Ben and Jerry's (another expensive place!) and shared a mix and match. We each got to pick one flavour each, so fun!
Cui - Chunky Monkey
Pam - Phish Food
Me - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Sweet. Cui then went into camerawhore mode and started talking pictures like crazy, with and without pam and me. Haha. Taz joined us later and cui had more fun with her camerawhore-ness. We must've spent an hour just sitting in Ben and Jerry's.

We went back to Plaza Singapura, hoping to find a sports shop that sells a yoga mat, so that we could purchase pammie's birthday present. Sad to say we couldn't find it, so that's another belated birthday present on the list. (At least I paid off my first one!! Right cui?? xD)

Cui went off after that since she had family dinner. Pam, taz and I headed to Pammie's place for dinner. We all plonked ourselves in pammie's room, which I shall commend pamela about because it's a lot neater than it was when I was last at her house a few years ago HAHA, and watched half of High School Musical.

Sue then joined us at about 7 something to eat dinner. Mr and Mrs Chua rock! They cooked a huge feast. Haha. We then sat eating dinner while watching half of Princess Diaries 2 (disney channel's Wonderful World of Disney).

Last on the agenda was the birthday cake. We managed to get a mango tango ice cream cake and swensen's since pammie had a birthday voucher. Delicious cake. Haha.

Today, after having brunch (breakfast + lunch) at Crystal Jade in Great World City, we went to visit Uncle Emmanuel and Aunt Adina (i'm not sure how to spell their names sad to say) at their new gourmet cafe called Arch Angel, i think. That place rocks. It is expensive, but the food and ambience is super nice.

Aunt Adina began talking to me and she was advising me about JC and university. Haha. I'm such a... let me come up with a word... look-into-future-so-early-kinda-person. Lolx! I tried. But she did give me some good advice. We'll see.

I may just think about working part time in Arch Angel next year. Auntie Adina says they hire 16-year-olds. Haha. Making pastry and taking orders - Sounds quite fun. Hm.