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Saturday, August 05, 2006 10:32 AM

Clash of the Elements was quite entertaining. It wasn't super excellent, but it was good for a school production. Though I have to comment, the storyline was really kiddish, but the characters were likeable so it turned out ok in the end. The strange thing was the songs, they seemed to place them in the middle of nowhere during the musical. Like one part that should have a song didn't, and those that were quite odd did. Well, since I'm no art critic, it might be a bias opinion for all I know. Music was good. Costumes were creative. Haha.

I dressed a bit formally in a black sleeveless blouse and layered skirt, and a pink cropped jacket. No black heels so I just had to wear white sandals. Everyone was dressed so nicely! It was quite strange because the teachers were there. Ms Ng almost could not recognise me.

Some shots to go with this entry:
Nicolle and Me! xD

The Duchess of Cucumber and Me.

The crazy propaganda prefect, Jean and me! She was on a roll selling musical booklets.

From Left to Right: Amanda Tan, Hannah Yang, Clarissa Santosa, Rachel Koh, Lim Wai Jean, Alexis Chua and me.

3e5 class shot! So sad not everyone was in it. I shan't bother naming everyone cause there is just too many of us.