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Friday, August 11, 2006 9:51 PM

I just want to start this entry by saying thanks to Ms Chang for the little gift today. And to 3e5, I'm glad to have been able to help out and contribute to the successful class outing to Sentosa, although I was not able to be there. Haha. I wish I could have been there for dinner, but sadly I developed a headache while I was at Harbour Front, so I gave in and went home, but I'm glad that you all had fun. *Did you know Foo HuiLing used me as a map? xD*

National Day Celebrations was so.... uneventful. Congratulations to Fearon for winning this year. I hung out with Deborah from 3e6 for the entire celebration. We were so lame! We were literally waving the flags mindlessly; I tried to sing along with some of the songs though. It was so stupid.

Haha. Henry Park was quite deserted. Guess we are the only super crazily devoted ones. Pam, waijean, cui, nikki and I met up with Mr. Lim and had a nice long chat with him. Good to see him again. Waijean and nikki left after that, and Andrew, Chris Foo and YuanZhi came, followed by Arnold, then stacey, then Dixon. So few of us. Anyway, we just chatted and walked around some parts of Henry Park.

Stace, cui and I later went to town after the three of us, andrew, yuan zhi, chris foo and pammie stopped by Julieta for a while. Went window-shopping. Zara. Forever21. kinokuniya. Etc. Haha. Cui followed me to Plaza Singapura later on to pick up a comic, before I went off to Harbour Front.

I think all the walking around must've tired me out. While waiting for my classmates, I developed a headache as well. Sad to say, I went home. And slept in the next day man. I woke up at 9.55am!! I know that's early for a lot of people but it's late for me... I'm an early bird.

Some pics:
Pam and Cui snacking on Pizza Hut breadsticks.

Me, cui, stace - Out in the middle of Orchard Road. Stacey's arm is bias!! Haha xD