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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 11:59 PM

If you ever get these few subjects in the same day: Physics/Biology, chemistry, e maths, a maths - You'd better sleep well the night before because after school the next day, be ready to feel super drained of brain power.

Just before E Maths test, this was what Liwen and I were complaining about. Having to do a e maths test after going through double maths and double science CONTINOUSLY is a big time mental drain, and it ISN'T fun. At least I could do the E Maths test properly.

So here's a change from my attitude yesterday: Kinball is so fun!! Meiting, Cindy, liwen and I went for the qualifying rounds today, and it was awesome! We manage to tie with another group for top spot in our round, so I'm not sure if I'll get to play in the actual event tomorrow, but I hope we do. Haha. I don't have enough time to describe the game today, so maybe tomorrow?

12:09 AM

Please excuse me for any cliche stuff that may be converted from thoughts in the brain to words on this blog

And I'm suddenly more determined than ever. I didn't fail anything this term, thank goodness; however, sad to say, a number of my marks have dropped. So I'm pretty disappointed, and am aiming to kick ass big time in the end year exam.

Ok. Over

I'm on for the qualifying rounds of the Teachers' Day Kinball competition. I'm so irritated, why did they cancel the performance? It's like tradition, and it's super WRONG to change tradition. Ugh! Anyway, kinball is a japanese game having to do with some round pink ball. I'll learn how to play tomorrow and maybe type out something interesting here.

And all thanks to reading the storyline of a japanese play that was recently staged... I'm super disturbed now. Half the reason is because of the storyline itself - Really dark and creepy, loads of suicide and what not; Other half probably because one of my favourite japanese icons (remember that pretty boy who's picture I posted a few entries ago?), Aiba's Hiroki character dies.

Omg, I sound like a freakish fan girl. Well, ok I admit that I may be turning into one - You should see how many pictures of the actors of Tenimyu I saved in my external hard drive.

If you ever want to see something interesting, check this out:

Man, this girl has talent. If you ever watched BoA's music videos and performances, you'll realise that this girl in the video has more or less perfected the dance, she might as well as go on stage and be BoA's background dancer.

I want to dance like that. Haha. I was watching the video and was amazed at her energy and attitude. She really shows off some flava while dancing. I'm glad I started hip hop again, and it has helped me to develop a bit more. I know hip hop is exactly a proper dance, not like ballet and street latin where they have basics, but it's what I like. I actually hope I get the chance to perform, maybe at least once or twice. It'd be quite a good experience.

So wednesday is Kinball Qualifying rounds, followed by the actual kinball competition on thursday. Thursday's going to be a little boring though, save for the class party, which lasts only HALF HOUR.

Mannn. (hinthintIRRITATEDTONEhinthint)