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Thursday, August 31, 2006 11:34 PM

First off- Two pictures from the planetshakers concert a few weeks back which I took so darn long to copy from my mum's computer (blame my awful laziness and busyness

Left to Right: Stacey, me, taz, nikki.

Upside Down!! This hired photographer found our crazy antics outside the max pavillion so interesting, he actually snapped pictures of us, and asked us to pose again after that. xD

Today was so fun! Happy Teachers' Day to all the awesome teachers out there! I'll start with the 3e5 class party (ACES day was nothing special to me); It was a completely mad rush to prepare for the party, people were running all over the place trying to get things right and keep the decorations up and put the chairs and tables where they were supposed to be. So this is how the format of the party went: First the teachers have to say a password (I think we had some doormen, jayne and elizabeth if I'm not wrong, who gave them a question to answer) then once they stepped through the door, they have to walk across our red carpet (ok, it wasn't a real carpet, more like a long piece of red crepe paper) to have their faces painted. Tribal remember? Everyone has to follow the theme. Then we lead them to a balloon pinata where they have to pop one balloon with the stick before some of my classmates do a performance just for them.

For Ms Chang, we also had a flash presentation with messages from my whole class to her. Haha. We so rock. After that was eating time - Pizza, brownies, jelly and potato chips. All the horrible junk food of the world... YUMMY. Haha.

For Ms Ng, Ms Chan and Mrs Khor, we just did the standard style. Haha. We had a bit of struggle to get Mrs Khor to wear the tribal paint, she didn't want to... Ms Ng and Ms Chan helped us xD.

Later we went down for the Kinball match! Kinball rocks! Sadly, we lost to 3e6 by one point, and won the teachers by one point. It would have been a tie if WeiWey had not managed to spot an area the teachers couldn't get to. Argh! ThreeFive rocks though! The class was cheering us like crazy. GO THREE FIVE GO THREE FIVE! THREE FIVE ROCKS. Haha. MeiTing, Cindy, Liwen and I had so much fun and we couldn't stop laughing at some points. There was twice that horrible things happened to me - One I had to duck because I almost got hit by the huge pink ball. Two I got hit by the pink ball! Horrible! Haha.

After that, cleared up the classroom, collected some homework assignments, then headed to Henry Park with waijean. Man, I love 6C - Three years and we're still going strong. Quite a lot of people came back to today. Excited, I headed to the gym since Zestin had told me 'everyone' was there via sms. We played around in the gym, got pushed into the sponge pit by weihong and dixon a few times, darn them. Haha. It was loads of fun.

Then we got kicked out of the gym which was quite sad so we went to the canteen. Stoned there for a while, then some of the girls and I went to the fun zone to watch Nataniel and Chris Foo break dance. Then we kept on walking back and forth between the fun zone and canteen for a while.

In the end, we ended up in the hall. We actually wanted to play a round of hatam bola but somehow, we never could get started. So, the girls and I played Freeze and Melt, while the guys played Free-For-All hatam bola... so everyone was running all over the place.

Then at some point for a while, Andrew and I were bored so we ended up playing Scissors, Paper, Stone... you know the version where you stand with you two feet in a vertical line, with the tip of your front foot touching the tip of your opponent's front foot, then who wins the round gets to step the front foot behind, and the loser has to stretch the front foot forward, and then see who can survive because you'd probably have to end up doing the splits? Haha. I played that with him, then Chris Foo, then Cuitian, then nicolle. Darn Andrew and Chris Foo for being tall, they have long legs!

Did a bit of cam-whoring today. Here's some pictures:

Sue and me. she's like so much prettier than me. HAHA. Go suewei!!

The ever-odd and amusing ex-enemy of mine, Zestin, and me. Plus the two extra people yuan zhi and nicholas in the background.

Me, nikki and cui.

Chris Foo and Me. I have to admit, he's a lot better than he used to be, and makes quite a good friend. And he can break dance!! Not fair!!

Me and Andrew. Darn you, andrew for being so tall!! Show off. Haha. xD

Pam and me... then dixon stuck his big hand in front of her face. Aww.

My 'twin bro', Dixon and me. Contact lenses xD.

Lame yuan zhi!! Haha. Taking a picture of me with his camera phone.

Me and weihong. This is RARE ok. It took me a long time to get him to agree to take picture with me.

I look horrible in the picture with my other twinnie, stacey, so I shan't show it. xP. Fun fun day. Once I get hold of the pictures from my class party, I'll post them too.