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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 7:30 PM

Reason for today's entry: I'm bored xD.

So much for a holiday break; It's more like a normal week minus majority of school hours, which by the way, ISN'T a proper holiday, or at least, I don't think so.

So I had my 2nd molars extracted last friday. The doctor was not the same one was the one who did my wisdom teeth operation, which surprised me because I thought Uncle Ken's extraction specialist was that first man, but oh well. This doctor was quite good though, fast; He literally yanked my two teeth out of the gum. Painful? Yes. Blur me forgot to remind the nurse to give me my teeth. xD. And of course, after having two teeth forced out of your mouth, special package of pain, swollen gums and loads of bleeding, Saturday was nothing special since I just slacked at home surviving on porridge. Sick.

My family went out for lunch with Uncle Yong's family and Godpa Anthony's family. Teochew restraunt with really nice yam pudding xD. Luckily they chose a number of foods that were not too hard, so I could eat. Hee.



I love my godsiblings! Haha. My godbrother Alex is going to become a rugger man! He has already played a full-contact game with his primary school team against secondary school girls. Diao. Seems pretty fair right? Younger boys against older girls? xD. *Tachibana in Tenimyu Dream Live 2nd looks a little odd by the way. Kamio looks good. Best are still the Seigaku regulars: 2nd generation.*

[Oh yeah, Nikki, taz and stace, remember, he promised you an invitation to his wedding in the future, if he has one, which he will definitely have one! Haha. Pam, sue, cui... I shall TRY to get you invited.]

Luckily, I only have one more homework assignment left to finish, so I can enjoy the rest of the week, a.k.a what's left of my "holiday"