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-Isaiah 40:31

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Saturday, September 09, 2006 6:59 PM

Happy birthday to my dear xiaomei/cousin/godsister Taz, may god bless you in all that you do! Aim high and make your dreams come true! Haha.

Happy belated to Sharon. Wednesday 6th September evening. I went to hang out with her and her NJC friends for her birthday. Being an NJC outsider is quite amusing xD.

6C outing yesterday, yay! Haha. It was quite fun. 9 boys and 3 girls - yuanzhi, benghong, andrew, chris foo, benjamin, nat, neil, jarad, zestin, stacey, pammie and me. Benghong and yuanzhi joined us only after the movie though.

So we met up at GWC and walked around a bit because the boys were getting hungry. Stacey and pammie were late. xD. I was the only girl there for a while. Then we went up and bought tickets for Singapore Dreaming. Not bad for a Singapore production, quite touching story but it seems a bit extreme for a Singaporean lifestyle? I don't know, one person's opinion.

After the movie we went to the food court for dinner. Took a long time for pam and I to get up and buy food because we were still full from popcorn. Haha. Stace left early. Horrible girl; she was the organiser too. Haha. You owe me a chalet, twinnie!

Then we went to That CD Shop a while to browse before being dragged by the boys upstairs to play lan... which we didn't, pam and I went to timezone instead. xD.

This is highly annoying. I don't know if he hates me or what, but the least he and I could do is be friends. He's emo apperance is totally scaring me when I consider talking to him. I don't know what's running through his head last night, but man, this is bloody irritating