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Thursday, September 14, 2006 11:28 PM

Let me just check when I last blogged and what I blogged about....

Exams are coming. Whoopee dee do dah dey. I've been doing three subjects a day since monday - much to the comments of waijean and alexis xD. Haha. Jessie scolded me on sunday morning when she found out that I had only 'just-started' revision for every subject.

"You are supposed to be more hardworking than me..."

Or something like that. I'm literally brain-saturated for today, so no more studying for me now.

Accomplishment: I finally said something smart in history class. Usually, I DON'T EVEN SAY A WORD during history class as, no offence, Mr. Anthony is quite scary. He asked about what germany was indicating when it signed the treaty to admit the boundary with poland and another country back when the league of nations was still around. I had the same idea going through my head. So, hoping he won't notice actually, I sort of raised my hand though it was leaning against my head, like I was about to scratch my head or something. Mr Anthony's sharp; he immediately pointed to me. So I said my view, and I was correct. Yay! Waijean commented that I sounded distraught while saying it, like I was holding it in for very long and just needed to get it out. Well, I guess in a way, I did.

I was hoping to kick my butt to youth fellowship this saturday, but now with exams coming, I'm not so sure I have the time. We'll see how it goes.

New craze: Japanese and Korean music.