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Monday, October 09, 2006 12:29 AM

Four more papers, three more subjects, two more papers to go. Ha. I know I shouldn't be blogging in the midst of exam (just wait till sharon finds out xD), but what the heck, one entry will not kill me.

I suddenly realised how crammed my holiday this year is. I am actually wondering how I am going to cope, but I guess I should be fine. I hope.

Things I hoped to achieve during to the holidays (whether I can definitely do them now is questionable):
1) Learn some japanese and malay.
2) Join an aerobics class (seperate from my current hip hop class)
3) Do some cooking.
4) Take up photography again.
5) Learn as many hip hop routines as possible (eg. BoA)
6) Begin planning for the choreography for next year's Christmas Play
7) Work on my computer skills (graphic design + html)
8) Watch loads of movies.
9) Start playing more video games again.
10) And the most important: My Annual WISHES sleepover. Ok, so it isn't as grand as I'm making it sound, but every year during the nov/dec break, I'm able to hold at least one sleepover, be it even if one or two people don't make it.

Things I have no choice but to do this holidays:
1) Preparation for Sec4
2) Helping to plan for that primary school leaders day camp
3) NWCDC Xmas project
4) Kick up my piano practice
5) Kick up my reading
6) A one week educational tour in Gold Coast
7) A two week vacation in Melbourne/Sydney (I think)
8) Headstart. Oh someone just shoot me now.

Things I am considering:
1) Two week Creative Thinking Summer School in Melbourne.

Say 'Wow'; and to think I used to say my life wasn't interesting. I just finished watching "Read it and Weep" starring Danielle and Kay Panabaker. Nice movie. Disney Originals are always good, even if there is cliche-ness.

I'm going to change my layout soon. Once I finish exam on tuesday, I shall rush home and do up a new layout, to suit me. =D