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Thursday, October 12, 2006 10:17 AM

Ok so I lied - I was too lazy to bother to do a layout xP, plus I realised the layout design I had in mind could not be done in a day so I will probably be stealing one from

Gameplay Round One was yesterday. I met up with Alexis, Jacinth, Ru Ying and WaiJean at Mac's at Serene Centre for breakfast, after Jacinth's and Alexis' second lit paper (poor things) Talked about random stuff while we ate. WaiJean's nuts - She couldn't decide what to eat so she sat stoning for quite a while. In the end, she shared with Alexis who had this free coupon thing that entitled her to a big breakfast and a burger i think, i'm not sure... then they had to discuss on how to split the price cause waijean wasn't sure... I think the coupon gave them a discount.

Sheesh. After exams, we still need to use our brain power. bleaghz.

Headed back to my house at about 10+ to start the Mario Party. That was funny. We played 20 rounds and jacinth and I kept on winning all the stars. Like after Jacinth gets one, I would get one. Waijean got one by a capsule; Alexis got one in the last four rounds. Ha! Mini-games of course rock, with us screaming that we did not know what we were doing or we were crashing into things or running for our dear lives, IN THE GAME of course.

After finishing the game *I won =D*, we went up to my room to rest a while. They played around with the keyboard and we also watched some Russell Peters clips. Hilarious.

I feel so accomplished because after they left yesterday, I watched one movie (cheetah girls 2), some anime (prince of tennis xD), learned the full dance to a song (BoA - key of heart), read my book (One Writer's Beginning by Eudora Welty) and practised piano! haha.

So later on today, some of the 3e6 girls including nicolle are coming over for a game session. Hee. I love Mario Party.


I'm just going to throw this in because I just thought of it. So I have two options, or at least I have two so far, for what to do after O's (the one most likely will be first)

1) Foundation studies at Trinity College, Melbourne.
2) Junior College in Singapore - most likely SAJC.

I hate time. It goes by too fast. It feels just like yesterday when the boys were throwing Cuitian's pencil case around the classroom and the rest of us were watching amused, or trying to get it back for her too. To think I'm already going to finish my sec3 year in a few months. Then I'll be done with O's. Then I'll be done with university. The most I can imagine of myself years down the road is that I'll still be damn short, unlike my horrible twin brother dixon who won't stop growing. Lucky twin sister stace is taller than me. Haha.

So it's a little early to maybe think about such things, I was raised to think about such things a lot, so sue me. You know, I'm more than excited to go overseas, but I'm wondering if I'll be mentally prepared to go away from home. Once I finish foundation studies, I won't have to come home for NS like my brothers (duh!), but I go straight to university, then I'd be gone for another few years, and by then I may offered job opportunities or further studies in other countries - The idea of being away from home for a so long is quite scary, especially being away from family and friends. Thank the Lord for email and msn.