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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 9:36 PM

Since Vanessa didn't need to go to school today, the rest of the family woke up approximately 10 minutes late. Thus I could've been late for school since my mum takes a while to get ready.

Thankfully I wasn't =). So I get out of the car, my heartbeat not frantic yet, and the only thing going through my mind was "I sure hope I didn't fail geography" Ha. Then I go to my classroom, thinking I'd amuse myself by observing Alexis' expression (she dreads the day exam papers are given back to us)

And then someone tells me, "We don't get our papers today, we get them on thursday."

Can you say 'What The Hell? All that drama in my head for nothing?!!'

Most people would be relieved but I seriously want to get my papers back. Ugh! As if that were not enough, I was unable to participate in today's MTV Groove activity since I've been picked to be a facilitator for a Primary School Leaders Day Camp. Yes, a good opportunity, enriching experience; but damn it, I missed a chance to learn some new steps. Oh well, I shall be a 'Da Jie' to a large group of P5s and P6s who probably have more common sense than I do. Ha! =D

[Let me fangirl a bit here: I like Kenta Kamakari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD xD xD xD]

Oh my goodness. I just did that.