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Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:59 PM

I got some results back!! "Today has been an... INTERESTING day." I said that and got a whack from RuYing. Haha.

English Paper 2 - 23/50 (ARGH!! I could've passed but they penalised me 2 marks because I counted the number of words of my summary wrongly... Ugh!!)
SS - 39/50 (WHOO-HOO!!! IMPROVEMENT. IMPROVEMENT. I managed to get the highest in class for this xD)
A Math - 86/100 (I was quite shocked seeing this. It could've been less because the teacher missed out about 3 marks. Yay!)
Chem - 80.8/100 (SCORE! Seriously. I got highest in class for this too. God rocks man; he has really blessed me this exam. I was extremely shocked by this; I didn't realised that I'd do so well.)
Chinese - 65.5/100 (B3!! IMPROVEMENT IMPROVEMENT. Haha)

Yay. Now I just hope that my history is good cause I seriously really want my A1 for combined humanities now. Screw geography, and pray hard for physics.

Hee. xD