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Saturday, October 21, 2006 10:34 AM

Yesterday was really awesome. I got back all my other results, and I must say, I'm really satisfied with myself. I have done really well this EOYs. God has really blessed me =D.

E Math - 95/100% (I scored 74/80 for paper1 and 97/100 for paper 2)
Pure Geography - 66.5/100 (I DIDN'T FAIL!! WHOO-HOO!! xD)
Physics - 75/100 (At first it was an A2, but I found out that Ms Ng forgot to count in two marks, so I got my A1. This paper was scary - Only Jayne Yap and I managed to get A1s. Work hard everyone!!)
Elective History - 34/50 (I was quite disappointed with this, even though it was quite good. I missed A1 by two marks. So my combined marks is officially an A2. I screwed my inference question because I had the wrong idea about the source so I lost four marks, otherwise I would have got my A1. Oh well.)

So far, my R5 is 6 points; all I have to do is add my score from English.


So after I finished tuition after school yesterday (thankfully my teacher ended a bit early), I waited for Mrs Goh to come and pick me and stace so that we could go meet up with sue and pam at Sue's house.

We were going to celebrate her birthday a day early. xD And it was awesome. It was quite funny though because we actually only planned for this last night, but we were successful. 5 of us were there for the late afternoon, and all SIX of us were there for dinner!! It was so amazing, all SIX of us. The last time we hung out together at a six-some (outside of hpps) was, if I'm not wrong, Stacey's chalet when we were sec1. After that, one or two people had something else on whenever we wanted to go out. It was so fun.

So Mrs Goh dropped stacey and I off at Sue's block, and for a few minutes, we could not remember where she lived. The most we could remember was that she lived on the 2nd floor. Then we wondered which unit she lived in. Then stacey and I remembered that we could actually look into her room from the window outside, so we tried looking into the window of the first unit. Then I saw sue and shouted and she heard us! Yay! We were successful. Stace and I rock man.

Mrs Tan bought a very delicious black forest cake covered in cream. So we sang happy birthday for Sue and ate the cake. We had to pack one for cuitian cause she really wanted it. Haha.

Mrs Tan then drove us to the Civil Service Club. It's a really nice place! I recommend you go there; There's a chinese restraunt, photography place, pool area, bowling, arcade, lan gaming, swimming pool (with a lazy pool and huge slide), dance studio etc.

Due to some idiotic reason, I couldn't swim. So I was the photographer for the day! Haha. Nicolle wasn't with us then, she was going to join us for dinner. So cui, sue, stace and pam went swimming and I followed them around with the camera. Haha. I managed to get some videos too. I also got really nice shots of them coming out of the huge slide and some posed on this mini pirate ship thing.

At about 6.25pm, the girls went to go shower. I was their bodyguard. Haha. I sat on the benches in the shower area, and, since pammie was the only one who brought toiletries, the girls had to share, so I was the 'bodyguard' helping to pass around the toiletries.

Scene: Pamela has finished using the shampoo. So she slides it under her cubicle door. I pick it up and shout, "Does any need shampoo?" Cui's voice is so distintive, "ME!!" So I slide it under her door. Then the process occurs again with me passing it under someone else's door after cui's slides it out to me.

It was about 6.45 or 6.50 when they finished, so we headed out. Mrs Tan had told us that we were to meet up with her at 7.30, so we still had some time. We couldn't go bowling anymore since there wasn't enough time, so between arcade and pool, we chose arcade (In the end, we found that we can't play pool since we're under 16). We had to whole arcade to ourselves, it was so cool! We tried DDR and pam and I managed to get through the first two stages, then when it was stacey's turn.... her song was crazy! It was as if they expected her to have three legs! So pammie and I were taking turns to step for the "third leg" Ha!

Then, while pam and stace went to play racing, sue, cui and I tried to play para para. Cui and I had to force sue up there xD. It was so funny watching her, but she actually got a "S", which if I'm not wrong, is higher than an "A"

The last game I played was a racing game - I competed with cui and won!! Hee cuitian xD.

We then met up with sue's mum and while they were deciding where we should go for dinner, the rest of us started to walk to the main lobby to wait for Nicolle. Nicolle came... WISHES reunited! Haha. So rocks.

There was a wedding going on at the club, so the chinese restraunt was fully booked. Mrs Tan decided to drop us off at Julieta so that we could go for pizza. She abadoned us though, since, according to suewei, Mrs Tan doesn't like pizza hut.

We actually managed to cram five of us on three car seats (sue sat in the front). We were all talking loads of junk and funny topics in the car, pam and I brought up the idea of having a WISHES hangout menu. At first, we only said "WISHES menu?" so Cui looked at us and went, "Huh?"

Then pam said, "You mean you thought it was a real menu? Like what stacey beef, pamela pomela, crispy cui, nicolle nasi lemak, valerie strawberry (diao -_-''), and sue fish?" We all laughed.

So we actually have an idea of what we could do for a hangout menu: Basketball (nikki), hip hop dance classes (me), kbox karoake (cui), chocolate pig-out (sue), ice skating (either stace or pam) and I can't remember the last one. Haha. It was funny.

So we shared a family feast at pizza hut and talked crap throughout dinner. It was so nice to have all six of us there. I think we only could then remember what it was like to really have all six of us there and the fun with the friendship we shared. Yay! Talking crap was fun. Oh, the radio station plays really nice music at night, they kept on playing the more popular songs and we all kept on singing along.

Oh, and pam and nicolle have been declared twins as well, hence, WISHES officially has three pairs of twins: Sue and Cui, stace and me, nicolle and pam xD.

Then we all agreed to go for ice cream and decided on venezia which was in the same building as the cold storage gourmet. So we took the 156 bus from the stop across Julieta. The problem was we were not sure where to stop at. Ha! We passed the stop before the stretch of shops where the Brazil Restraunt was, before we realised that we should press the bell otherwise we were going to go too far; We thought that there was going to be a stop right outside the stretch of stops. So when we got to the trafic light, we started panicking. Haha. Sue was like, "Maybe we should ask the uncle if he can just drop us off here," LOLx! In the end, we decided to just walk off the pizza.

It wasn't that long a walk in the end, so yay, we walked off some of the pizza. When we reached Venezia, it was quite crowded. Luckily we managed to get two tables, then we just shifted all the plates and rubbish to another table. Heh heh. Then we all bought some ice cream and shared flavours here and there. I bought single scoop manga, sue bought single scoop hazelnut, cui and nicolle shared double-scoop hazelnut and chocolate mint, pam and stace shared a triple scoop of vanilla, yoghurt and this chocoaty one which has a funny name that I don't remember.

Then it was time to go home. Aw. We had a group hug before we left. Mrs Tan took sue and pam home, and dropped cui and sue at the bus stop. Stace and I waited for my mum to come and pick us, so while waiting we just talked and talked.

These are my bestest friends ever: Wacky Stacey, Insane Nicolle, Strange Me, Hyper SueWei, Enthu Cui, Shorty Pammie. xD

Pictures! pictures! pictures! You know usually when you go camwhoring, you always end up with half the photos looking bad because of either the quality of the picture take n or that you look horrible. For some reason, we all looked really nice that night.

The pool area at Civil Service Club

Camwhore me. Haha. Such a nice picture right? =P

The four girls in the pool.

Can you say, "Drama queens?" Pam and stace are nuts xD.

All the lightcolour-shirted people on one side of the pizza table...

...And all the darkcolour-shirted people on the other side of the table! (Bet ya girls didn't realise it right?)

Pair up with our twins! Haha. Thx to the waitress who took this picture for us.

Nicolle, cui and pam on one side of the table at Venezia.

Stace, sue and me.

WISHES forever! Thx to the nice man who helped us take this at Venezia.