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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 11:15 PM

Life is seriously becoming crazy. So little time and so much to do. And I'm not trying to be cliche nor am I kidding around. Literally the only thing that is helping me relax is DBSK and BoA and the goodness of loads of asian music.

I am really super busy to the extent that, as I told someone before, I think my holiday has disappeared. Dissolved. Vanished. Or to put it simply: My holiday is completely gone. Well, I guess I still get a few days to have some fun, but otherwise. My schedule seems quite scary.

Last saturday, a bunch of us went to henry park to help as tour guides to give school tours to parents whose kids were going to be in primary one next year. Andrew, nat, yuan zhi, chris foo, dixon, dixon's friend, cui, pam, stace and me. It went quite well. The two sets of parents that went with me were very friendly and funny. They didn't ask stupid questions xD. The kids are so cute. They so like me. Haha. (Wow. Change in tone and attitude from the first paragraph) We even played games with them and when we demonstrated the games it was quite hilarious. Haha.

I seriously hope that I'll be able to have enough time to do things this holiday. I already have to cancel out my initial plans to join a japanese beginners class and another dance/aerobics class because of time constraint. I might even have to bring my homework to Australia and DO IT there.

My mum says the term is "social activist"

Doesn't sound anything special to me.