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Monday, November 06, 2006 2:15 AM

Once again, DBSK and BoA and YUI (as well, I recommend her song 'Skyline' it's really nice) is keeping me sane while I'm going through a horribly busy life now.

Last friday LianheZaobao called Liwen and I down to go for a briefing for our gold coast trip next tuesday, 14 November. I think I suceeded in getting the sound for my chinese name wrong xD. Gag me. Anyway, they gave us a copy of the itinerary and went through it. It's quite a good itinerary, a little packed but I feel damn excited now. Haha. I can't wait to go!

After that, we took the mrt and Liwen abandoned me and got off at Newton, then I headed to city hall and changed to the other line to head to Pasir Ris. I managed to find the correct bus to go to Downtown East from the Paris Ris Interchange. The bad part of this was that I got off at the wrong stop, and actually wondered in the wrong chalet area for a while before I realised I was in the wrong place and had to walk out of the place and walk to The Downtown East chalets that my class was at. Ha! I rock.

The Class chalet was quite fun at the start; towards the end it started to die down quite a bit, but I shan't talk about that. The barbeque was fun. I was walking around randomly with my video camera. Haha. Amanda Foo mentioned about how ppl tend to feel like slapping the camera man or something like that... I'm innocent! Haha.

One funny incident: This group of chinese-speaking teens were playing truth or dare I think. If I'm not wrong, they needed to ask one of us for our number. They asked Ms Chan for her number!! Hahahahahhaa. We were all squeeling and cheering for her like crazy, she was blushing like mad. You know what's the best part? I caught it on camear, for our dear class to keep.

So saturday morning, Mum dropped me off at Serene Centre. I had to meet up with my geography project group to do our tourism project: Design A Resort. It would've been really really fun if we didn't have to rush it. We're supposed to present it this wek. Haiz.

I bought DBSK's third album! Omg. I sound like a fangirl. It's a "congratz for doing well in exams" present. Haha. I love "O - Jung.Ban.Hap".

I left lync a few minutes earlier to head to Island Cremery at Serene Centre. Stacey was giving us an ice cream treat! Haha. Oh, I did something bad on the way - I gave Andrew the wrong directions. I got him on the correct bus, 165, to go to the serene centre; the problem was that he got on the bus at the wrong stop... so he headed towards Clementi! Sorry Andrew!

So we pigged out on ice cream and went walking around serene centre aimlessly. Then after that, cui went for tuition and stace had to wait for her mum to get her. So andrew, jarad, yuan zhi and I crossed the traffic lights and yuan zhi headed to the bus stop along Adam Road. Then Andrew and Jarad came over a while cause both of them didn't have anything to do for at least 45 minutes of their time.

They went off when mum came to pick Vanessa and I for dinner at Island Club.

Nothing else interesting happened this past weekend.