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Saturday, November 25, 2006 10:08 PM

And for those who are wondering what in the world happened to Valerie Anne... I'm still alive and breathing, thank you.

Just that I've been too lazy to blog about anything. Yes sharon, I'm lazy. xD. You shall get your gold coast update when I get back to Singapore.

So yeah, the all-expense trip to Gold Coast turned out to be real awesome plus I found it more fun to speak chinese, much to liwen's horror. The reason was literally because a number of the students on the trip were either from china or from chinese-speaking families, which was fine by me. Liwen and I definitely weren't going to go "solitaire" this trip, so we made friends. They are nice people. I wish the trip had been longer though; More days would have given us opportunity to get to know each other better.

The highlight of the trip: My birthday celebration. Everyone was so nice that night! And who knew Singaporean boys could be so sweet? Once again, details to come... when I get back to Singapore. For those who are really desperate, you can ask sharon or pammie - I filled them in earlier since I saw them online before I left for Melbourne.

So now I'm sitting in an apartment in Melbourne City. I feel fat. The great and horrible thing about living in this family is the way we eat. Haha. I'd say more to the great side but being a normal teenager who likes to dress up and stare at very good-looking male celebrities every now and then... I'm slightly weight-conscious.

Time to do homework. =D