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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 10:25 PM

I'm finally 'not lazy enough' to blog about my trip. It's going to be a brief one except for the birthday incident. haha.

So 19 November 2006. What happened was that during dinner at the mountain lodge, a 90-year-old lady was also celebrating her birthday. Her family had organised with the kitchen earlier to surprise her with a birthday cake. So one of the reporters, Wan Theng, and Liwen noticed it and also had the same idea. They asked the waiter to cut a slice of the dessert for me. I ate a lot of tiramisu that night xD. Then the waiter put a sparkler inside the tiramisu and came out of the kitchen singing "Happy Birthday" very loudly. Haha. I actually knew that was coming. I saw liwen go up to wan theng and talked to her, just as wan theng was speaking to the waiter. I put my head down on the table and refused to lift it up, cause I was simply very embarassed. When I did lift it up, I was laughing like crazy.

So the girls all wish me happy birthday (thank you!). The boys did something real cool. I went out to talk to my dad for a while when Liwen called me back in. I thought they were going to play a prank, like splat cake in my face or something. This is what they actually did: They took tissue paper and cleaned all their white dinner plates after they had finished eating, creating a mess on their table in the process, then they took the star confetti that had been used to decorate the table, and arranged the words "Happy B'Day" on the white plates. They also took some sunflowers from the vases on the dinner tables and gave them to me. How sweet is that? Who knew Singaporean boys (my bad. I forgot that some of the boys were from China. haha) were capable of doing such a thing. Haha. It was the most interesting birthday ever.

Cool Slideshows

I'm just going to use pictures to tell the story of the trip. Just take my word for it that it was really fun! Thank you Lianhezaobao for the opportunity to go.

So here are pictures:

Cool Slideshows