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Monday, December 11, 2006 10:55 AM

So on saturday night, the girls came to crash over at my place. WISHES reunited again for about an our plus for a movie run.

We actually had picked out about 6 or 7 movie to watch, and only made it through 3 xD. We're pathetic man! Haha. Stacey couldn't stay, so she headed home towards the end of the 2nd movie.

#1: Tokyo Drift
#2: Take the Lead
#3: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Crazy cuitian kept on trying to stuff "Just My Luck" in the first few selections. Too bad, cui! Before that, pamm came first so we just talked and talked, and went down to the kitchen a few times because pamm needed to be fed. Haha. Then slowly, one by one, they came. Sue had such awesome news for us! It's real cool.

So we did some cam-whoring with my hat collection, and just talked and laughed, and listened to music and watched dance videos on Crazy us. We were up talking till about 2 something in the morn, before pamm realised that she was hungry, then everyone else realised they were hungry too. So we crept down the stairs, since the rest of my family were sleeping, and went to the kitchen. I almost walked into the door, cause I didn't want to turn on any of the lights along the stairs. Finally made it to the kitchen, where pamm made her cup noodles and toasted a slice of bread. The rest of us were snacking on ben and jerry's fossil fuel and some sugar-roasted cashew nuts. Yumz.

Headed back up to the room and started talking more, before we all finally fell asleep at about 4 something. Pamm and Cui followed me to church after that, cui may have fallen asleep during sermon - Lol!

Another thing: Happy Birthday to Grandpa Harry!!

And if anyone of you read my dear twinnie's blog: She just came from church camp, now it's my turn to go. Will be gone till wednesday.