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Thursday, December 14, 2006 12:10 AM

I just came back from Lync Camp: Experiencing God.

I can't say it was the best camp ever, but it was definitely one that has granted me with many awesome memories worth remembering, as well as friendships worth keeping. So I'm just going to anyhow talk about the camp.

It was quite nice to see people again when we headed to church on monday. Had nice long chats with daphne, charissa and valerie cheng. Ice breakers was ok, basic whack-o.

The best parts of the camp where the worship, personal time with god, and sessions. Personal time with God was when we had group discussions about god-related topics as well as devotions (for the mornings). We had a lady, whose name I keep on forgetting, from the pastorial staff doing the 7am service at church, teaching us the word of God. And her sessions really impacted me. The last night was the best - Ministry. Many of us rebegun our walk with Christ again. My family got prayed for twice as a family; Thank you Charissa and Kenneth for that. I did not get ministered because when I asked God, it didn't seemed that I needed to. But all the wonderful prayers from everyone else around me helped me to start anew with God as well. During ministry, whenever people rose after laying down, I kept on feeling the need to pray for them. Just a simple prayer of encouragement for them, and a thanks to God for the person they are. And I did. I prayed for Kylie and Vanessa Cheng. I think God was leading me to pray for them; I wish I prayed for me, I think God wanted me to do so. I cried. It's very hard not to cry during ministry. xP

Games was quite fun. On the first day, the games went so fast, it didn't feel like we were really playing games. But on the second day, the games so rocked. We played captain's ball, which was super fun, and had to do an obstacle course which resulted in us being covered in mashed-up-banana and mud. Gross.

You know people usually go to camps and starve? Well, come to Lync camp, and you'll probably gain weight. Haha.

Today was quite fun. The amazing race at Sentosa. Though my group only ran when we thought another group was catching up to us. Ben Chee's game was easy thanks to Dara xD. Older sister makes the younger brother laugh easily. Dinesh and Marcus' games were HARD TO FIND; the clue pointed to coconut trees... let me ask you? HOW MANY COCONUT TREES CAN YOU FIND ON SENTOSA ISLAND? We could have completed our 5th game, but then we had to meet up at Tanjong beach, just as Ben Yen was about to explain the game to us - super sad.

The most interesting part was going home. We rode on the tram, and missed the bus stop, because we thought if we go one round, the bus queue would be shorter. In the end, we missed a better opportunity to get on the bus, and when we returned to the previous bus stop. The line was still there. The nice Sentosa people helped us to call a bus that was not servicing any line, so we got back quite quickly, didn't have to wait long.

So people I actually talked to for the first time ever:
-Dinesh (dude, your location was hard to find! sad you didn't get to use the water gun xD)
-Marcus (trams rides are fun... and you still owe me a sweet!)
-Ben Chee (haha. Your sister rocks man, but good job working as a game master)
-Ben Yen (This guy is super amusing lor! horrible person helped the other team during captain's ball! xD and yes, there are TWO valeries in Lync)
-Joanne Loh (Jo is uber cute lah. Haha. The bus ride was funny, don't you just love inertia?)
-Arvin (Gotta be a bit more enthu dude)
-Wen Xin (middle name rocks xD)
-Louis (Captain's ball expert. Haha. Good job during Dinesh's game; I barely did anything xP. I'm pathetic)
-Joanne Loh (another one! Your "expo" joke was super lame lah. Lolx!)
-Janel (Thank you for praying for my family!)
-Hannah Chee (SAJC! Yes, i'm inspired! HAHA)
-Zhen Yi (Dude, we could TRY to get lost in the mrt. Defy kenneth)
-Kylie (Where do you want to go? AAAAAAAAAA Harbour front! Can. xD)
-Sarah (So cute! Haha)
-Claire (we survived the heat! our green shirt rocks)
-Rebecca (heh heh. thanks for checking up on me when i was sitting alone that night)
-Melissa (Trinity college... my brother's classmate!)
-Migaa (migaa's funny! The girls and I couldn't stop laughing when he tried to choke the swing for us)
-David (David is the lamest and funniest ever. Agar agar. Medical help. Bee bop bee bop)
-Kim Neo (Kim is niceee =D)
-Gabrielle (Fuzzy wuzzy!)

Lync rocks.