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Friday, December 15, 2006 7:24 PM

I seem to be blogging a lot lately. And I have headache from spinning; part of the dance for Rock This Christmas that I am attempting to learn.

I don't know whether to feel irritated, cheated, stupid or whether I should just whack myself on the forehead because I shouldn't be thinking about it in the first place. Idiotic lah. As much as I try to ignore it, it's haunting. Ugh. So how am I going to survive? By feinting ignorance?

12:02 AM

wiShES = Spastic.

And I say that because only pamm, cui and I could meet up today at KAP to study. "STUDY" we are guai man, we studied half the time...or maybe less xP.... then we talked and were super lame the rest of the time. I did manage to cover some sec4 chem and social studies (anyone who reads this blog.. don't kill me >.<)

Cui was 1 hour 20 mins late! Lolx. Expected lah. I sms-ed her a bit past 12 to tell her that I might be late, and woke her up from her sleep as well. Pamm tried to be later than cui by taking her time, but still got to KAP earlier than her. Funny cui.

So we ate Macs and gossiped a while. Haha. Pamm kept on bullying cui. Poor cui. xD. We played "Fuzzy Wuzzy"! And it took quite a while for pamm to get it. "Fuzzy wuzzy likes small stuff, not big things" I also told them some lame jokes I had learnt from camp (David's and Joanne's).

Later when pammie went to cold storage to buy snacks, cui and I began cam-whoring. The pictures are still with cui so I'll post them up another time. We so can't pose for blackAndWhite and sepia pictures. Haha. Cui's aim is horrible. Mine isn't too bad. We took a video also of pammie when she was trying to figure out "Fuzzy Wuzzy"... I shan't talk about it. xD

I have to attempt to finish a lot of online maths assignments, learn a dance, and go buy my school books for sec4 tomorrow. Wish me luck.