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Monday, December 18, 2006 10:59 AM

CCIS on the 16th was fun.

So the first bit was line dancing by the "older generation". It was quite entertaining; this one old man who was so enthusiastic, it was cute. But they did at least 5 songs, and by halfway through the 3rd song, it was a bit sian. No offence >.<

Then there were some ballet-like dances. Valerie and Vanessa Cheng looked so PRETTY in their white dresses and make-up. Haha. The dances were very nice to watch, especially when they twirled the ribbons. Cute.

Then they had the little kiddies choir and some of the teens and kids playing instruments. Little sis Vannie played the violin. Ha! She was so nervous before, and during the performance, mum and dad had to stand behind her. In a way she was lucky, because they had rushed them to set up, that she and another person stood behind John Cheah, rather than in a line with the other musicians. Dinesh plays the flute! Haha. It was quite nice. xD

Then there was a skit and the adult choir. Charissa, Dara, Daphne and Tim Ong - Good job, guys! Tim ong was super loud, could hear him quite easily. The skit was cute, talented little 9-year-old girl.

Then the highlight of it all - Bridges. Haha. The Praise was excellent! The worship was of course good as always, but the praise was like "WOW". We created ourselves a mosh pit and jumped up and down and danced around and clapped and sang at the top of our lungs. It was amazing. I think people who walked by were stunned and thought we were nuts. The feeling was real great though, like the Lord was jumping and singing and dancing with us. Haha. We so hyper that night, all us Lync-lets. Lync rocks!

Then the whole lot of us went to paragon to buy drinks. Marcus was soaked through! Haha. I saw him sweating so much, and just gave him the rest of the water in the water bottle I was holding. And here's another thing, Marcus is super funny - He's never tried a slurpee before. So when Chris offered him to drink some, he was like, "How much is that? Which one is that? What is it called?"

Then I asked, "You've never drank a slurpee before?" and he just grinned cheekily and shook his head. Lol!

And when he bought the slurpee, he was like, "I don't like this" then he'll take one big sip, "I really don't like this", another big sip. Can you say 'blue tongues all around?'

Then the next awesome thing: The teen dance performance. Tim Ong and sherman rock the stage lah! The introduction was super cool, and their dance when the boys went on first was awesome. Tim Ong should be a dancer, he has a lot of energy on stage and a good personality cause he smiles a lot and looks like he's having fun. Go for dance classes, tim ong! Haha.

Fun night.