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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 12:37 AM

The Lord is so awesome. He prevented it from raining all night last saturday. Sadly, the clouds decided to release their raindrops for nearly the whole day yesterday and today >.< but praise the Lord for keeping us dry on saturday.

Sharon and I hung out for lunch today. Our usual sakae sushi lunch followed by a walk around book shops; we didn't crash any high class branded stores though, would have been something to laugh again.

The rain was really quite bad though. When we moved from building to building, we literally stuck to all the underpasses - Wheelock place to Shaw House to Wisma Atria to Ngee Ann City. Although the rain did lighten up a bit later on, so we crossed the road via traffic light to get from orchard mrt to wheelock place. Sadly, it became heavier when we were waiting for the bus to go home.

I found something interesting at Kinokuniya today: "Keeping In Touch" A sisterhood of the travelling pants companion. It's quite cute, it contains notes and messages and letters and IMs that went back and forth between the girls. It makes one think how cool it is to keep in touch like that.

WISHES, we must go get that diary before our sec4 year ends! haha xP

And I've kick-started my love for prince of tennis again. Blame the manga I bought today - The Prince of Tennis Vol 4. So I began watching episodes from the fudomine arc... Currently at episode 27.

I love anime.