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Sunday, December 24, 2006 4:51 PM

Last friday night was Lync Carolling event. After a real tough dance practice with Kylie and Tessa, I stayed on to listen and watch their carolling practice. They're quite good, though of course towards the end the energy died down, but they do sound good.

During the carolling event, Mrs Bessie Lee got the carollers to sing two songs out on the streets, they were supposed to hold the whole thing in the welcome centre, and invite people in, but she 'hijacked', as said by her, the event. Dinesh had a funny pants incident, which I shall not talk about just in case he finds my blog then kils me for blogging of his embarassment.

After carolling, the whole group of us headed to Marina Square's Changing Appetites for supper. On the bus, James kept on going on about some prophecies he read in a book and some general knowledge stuff, though I didn't manage to digest most of it. At the restraunt, I sat between Marcus and Dara (although dara switched place with tessa after that so that we could camwhore xP), and shared onion rings and nachoes with kor. We couldn't finish it though so we just took it back.

The event at christalite methodist home on satutday morn was quite interesting. Overall, we did a good job and it was a good effot, but the programme was so messy. We were approximately one hour ahead of schedule, thus we had to add a lot of impromptu things that totally failed. Pathetic, but we did have an amusing time. Sui hang actually came, surprise! But he was late and bailed out on us early. Horrible person.

Dance practice was real harsh before the actual christmas party. We did one hour straight, non-stop, and had to change a few things to make it simpler. We were super tired and sweaty even before the event. The dance went well, I think, haha, we messed up at some parts, but I think we did a good job. Kylie and Tessa deserve great applause because they have worked real hard despite the fact that they have barely much dance experience and they fact we had barely 4 days to prepare for this. Thanks to everyone for their cheers.

Stacey's musical: A light that still shines. She was a dancer, part of the youth sectiion of the choir, as well as a narrator at some point. Nice job, twinnie. Like she said, the musical didn't have a proper storyline, it was more of a compilation ofsongs, but it was a good compilation, and the songs were nice. The message put through was good too. Well done, Mt Carmel!

Christmas Eve tonight. Merry Christmas everyone!