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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 10:51 PM

ok so this is a little late but...


I was a little tired and lazy to blog yesterday so yeah. Nicolle had a birthday gathering! To be honest, all the plans had been destroyed by the rain - Do you remember yesterday? It was raining like crazy the WHOLE DAY. We were supposed to go swimming in the afternoon and then have a barbecue in the evening... and how do you do both when it's raining?

But of course, the rain could never stop WISHES. We created our own fun! Pamm and I were the first ones to arrive, and we ate lunch together and watched dance videos, and commented on the dances and all. Then Cui came, like super late (haha, expected of our dear cuitian) and she ate lunch first before Mr. Ocampo took us to pick up Sue from her house.

Mr Ocampo then dropped us off at Vivo City, where we walked around very randomnly, since we actually had nothing to do. We walked to candy empire first, or in other words, "cui's empire" (for those of you who don't get it, candy is cui's UNOFFICIAL english name) The chocolates there looked SO GOOD, it was damn hard to resist the temptation to buy something - but I resisted very well. Haha. Everyone bought something... I think.

Then we somehow ended up at E-Zone where we played some racing games. I played against pamm for one round, but unfortunately, pamm's accelerator was screwed up - She couldn't go any higher than 80 km/h in the game, and I was going at like 192 km/h! Haha. Then we had a funny coin incident when cui and nikki were going to race against each other. They both put the coins in the wrong slots, nikki put hers in cui's coin slot, and cui put hers in ANOTHER game's coin slot, so some guy got a free game. Lol! We rock.

Oh before that, we went into a pet shop, the dogs are so cute! This toy poodle was so hyper active and sticking its face at the glass. The golden retriever and border collie were so beautiful. Sue said she's going to get either a border collie or something else - Can't wait! He or she can make friends with Angel.

After that we went to Ben & Jerry's to pig on ice-cream, we shared a "Merlion Monster" which had like 6 scoops of ice cream, a wafer bowl, bananas, caramel, chocolate sauce, nuts, etc. Super yummy. If you don't want to risk your weight, NEVER eat it. Then we had some cam-whoring, and we even have a picture dedicated to Stacey! haha.

After that we went back to Nicolle's place for dinner. Mrs Ocampo makes very nice spaghetti and mash potato and chicken wings! They were so addictive, we kept on taking more and more.

The best part of the night: Chatting. We all laid on the bed, except for Nicolle who sat on her computer chair, and just talked and talked in the dark. We talked about news that has to do with us, anything we haven't told each other, and we talked about each other too! Each person had to say something about herself that has changed since pri sch, and everyone else would comment. It was real nice! We talked about a lot of things.

The chat session we had made me really think how fortunate the six of us are. Yes, I bet Stacey was there with us in spirit, haha. Our friendship is really great, going strong for five years already. We've really grown a lot, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Last year, we rarely saw each other, and this year, we actually saw each other like at least 6 or 7 times in a spam of 3 months! It's so cool! I'm glad that the Lord has blessed me and the girls with each other. Not many people get the chance of keeping their primary school friends. One thing for sure - Our friendship is definitely going to last for eternity.

WISHES forever =D
if I happen to embarass anyone here, I'm so sorry - They're the only primary school pictures I had! xD
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