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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 1:32 AM

I have thought of resolutions! Ok, not exactly resolutions, more like what I plan to do in certain aspects of my life this year. I shall do it Sharon's style, as seen in the resolutions of hers that I saw =D

Academics.8 points maximum for O levels! Must. Must. Must. And of course to avoid as much as possible, otherwise it'd just affect my studying. Also plan to start doing revision from february onwards, except for chinese which shall start next next week. (*Oh I'm such a nerd xD*) Though I'm still not sure whether to choose Singapore or Australia, my mindset is currently focused on SAJC, and if not, Trinity here I come.

Family.My elder brother's going to Australia. Wah. I must keep in touch with him often. I need to be more patient with my younger siblings, and less sarcastic with my sister. I also should open up more to my dad, cause I realise I seem to tell my mum more things than my dad.

Friends.I must take more initiative in starting and carrying out conversations and not be such a loner; Must be like my brother who can just go on talking forever. WISHES is of utmost importance here - Let's keep the friendship tight, girls. Followed by the 6Cian boys, must take initiative and chat a bit more with them, catch up; That's why I was so happy that Dickson came over, nice to spend some time with an old friend. 4e5, talk more to some of my classmates whom I am not close to, and participate more in class events/activities etc. Overseas mates: Sharon, Nicole and Cat, must email them more often and update them on what's going on back in Singapore.

Financial.Save money - The basis of financial resolutions. Perhaps, spend less money on Manga. Be a bit more careful when eating lunch out, I tend to spend too much. Also, don't buy things unnecessarily. Go easy on birthday and christmas presents (*I'm so upset that I didn't get presents for my friends this year cause I was trying to save some cash*) Go easy on recess and lunches at school too.

Health. Dance! To just learn as many as I can whilst keeping up with my studies. If I have time, to join another dance class (perhaps jazz technique), or take up aerobics lesson. Do sit-ups and push-ups on saturday mornings before tuition. Cut down the quantity of my daily food intake. Less again; Save my eyes. Oh, and lose some weight, maybe about another 2 kg =X

Spiritual. Continue to walk with God and always turn to him even if it's the smallest things in life. Never forget his love for me and never ignore him. Pray more for others than myself. Keep up devotions SINCERELY. Work at church - Help out at 8am sunday school in Worship Team; Dance in Creative Arts ministry for LYNC.

Others. Read more books, REAL books, not manga, not magazines. Practise piano more regularly, including learning chords. Learn as many dances, clear off those by asian artists first, and always practise weekly hip hop routines. If I have time, learn a new language.