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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 6:16 PM

First day of school wasn't too bad, at least we barely started lessons for any subjects, so the brain didn't need to activate. Although I confess to studying a bit of chemistry and history during the bit of free time we had here and there =D.

Form teacher is Ms Lee KH. Yay! Firstly, she's nice; secondly, we know her. No complete stranger of a new form teacher for 4e5 this year. All the other subjects teacher look ok. Mr Lee KT for chinese; Mr Lee SB for SS; Ms Ho WY for A Math; Mrs C Low for E Math; Mr Anthony for History - That's all I know so far.

New monitress is Yi Wei. Haha. Good choice, she's very nice and responsible, she will definitely do a good job. Assistant is Wai Jean, poor thing got sabotaged by our dear classmates, but she's also responsible, so it's all good. Most of the Reps are the same; Amelia Cheah and I kept our wonderful IT jobs.

Shanshan commented that I look like I lost weight around the body. *GRINS* I love shan shan! Haha. But seriously, I have lost a bit of weight, my mum's complaining that I'm getting too skinny. YEAH RIGHT! Haha.

Time to kickstart the brain engine again. I shall read up and study some subjects after this.