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Saturday, January 13, 2007 11:21 AM

This was a sight in Singapore just last month. The rain has simply been ridiculous. If I'm not wrong the monsoon season should have passed already, but it's raining non-stop for the past two days. I soaked my brand new school shoes on the way home yesterday -_-.

So anyway, on 11 Jan, WISHES had another outing again: Cui's birthday. And this is probably the last outing where most of us can go. The rest of our birthdays are in the later half of the year which, if you think about it, is even closer to Prelims and O levels, except for stacey and pamm, but then the rest of us have to suffer and go through O's.

So after hanging around school for 45 mins, Nicolle and I had to brave the rain to Serene Centre to meet Pamm. Cui was late, as usual (haha), because her teacher needed to see her.

After she came and we talked a bit in Macs and gave her birthday presents, we headed to town. Whee. Met up with stacey at Cineleisure. Oh, and two guys who didn't know her so well were going to meet up with us to pass her birthday presents. Ryan Chan and his friend. His friend was so funny! I promise (cause I don't swear) that he was so shy and adorable-looking when he was giving Cui a BIG BOUQUET OF REAL RED ROSES AND SOME OTHER SWEET FLOWERS. I almost could not help laughing. Hm, I wonder what that means. Pamm was hilarious, she took out a paper that indicated what a person means when he/she gives flowers (by number and type of flower)

On our way up to the movie theatre, we saw Xuan Huai! Yep, he's back in Singapore till the 20-something of Jan. He has changed a bit, and dude, you have good dress sense. Haha. The shirt you wore looked damn nice.

So anyway, we watched "The Queen", and my advice is that you should go read up on the Princess Diana Situation a few years back, if you want to appreciate and understand the full story - Cui hardly knew a thing about it... and fell asleep!

The acting was really good though, I thought helen mirren (the queen) and michael sheen (PM Tony Blair) both did an excellent job.

After that we went to heeren, 5 people sharing 2 small umbrellas, and took neoprints and ate dinner at Billy Bombers. The club sandwich there ain't bad. We shared two meals and one side dish because none of us believed that we could eat one on our own (we had popcorn during the film). We must've bothered some people because this couple sitting next to us shifted one table away, and this man who took that seat was directed away by the waitresses to another seat.

Funny incident #2: The waiter at Billy Bombers. LMAO. I think every time he looked at us, he was trying to conceal his smile. Lol, aren't we pretty, girls? EGO. Lol! But seriously, there was one point he came to our table and almost stood there for a few seconds, biting his lip, before he asked, "may I clear your plates?". Cute.

Then we went down to NYDC for dessert. Selecting the dessert was hard. In the end, we just counted 41 down the row (number of 6cians 2003) and ordered a Professor Klumps which is three scoops of ice cream and lots of nuts! It was yums.

I was surprised that I was so awake the next day.