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Saturday, January 20, 2007 11:39 AM

Sorry pam, I've just been too lazy. Yes I have been studying a bit, but not on "examination alert" mode yet because it's still only the first month of the school year.

Yesterday, SMSS had our very first Arts Education Programme of 2007 - A Jazz Band. I can't remember what the name of the band was, but they were quite good. Haha. Jazz is fun to listen to, now I see why slow-style jazz is related to seduction and romance, it's very soothing. Haha.

Jayne and I were talking about our future after graduating from secondary 4 as we were making our way home from NWCDC. I don't know but recently, I've realised that I really want to get in to SAJC. Well, that's for now, who knows whether my mind will change in the future, but I have this great desire to study there.

Most of all, I really want to try for the dance club. I'm so scared that because I don't have ballet background, my chances of getting in are slimmer compared to others. My mum and my brother keep on telling me that ballet is the answer to every thing related to dance, which is true, but one can't help feeling paranoid.

My brother actually told me that one of his friends managed to get into SAJC, though DSA for soccer.... even though SJI DOES NOT HAVE a soccer team. He played well during the sports trials, so the coach gave him a condition in terms of min requirement of points for O's to get in. He said maybe I could try that. Maybe.

My mum has allowed to take up more dance classes of one or two other styles as long as the price is reasonable and it doesn't affect my schedule or studies. Whee.