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Friday, February 02, 2007 5:55 PM

Oh gosh, life has been so hectic. Hence the reason why I haven't been blogging lately.

You know most parents will tell their kids to study harder and not to procrastinate and slack and what not? I must be a real freak. My mum told me the other day to make sure I don't kill myself from over-studying and to relax a bit more. Then again, most of my friends tell me that too. Heh heh. Valerie is a nerd and likes it that way

Thankfully, since I'm not on a hectic schedule for today, I am taking some time to watch a movie and surf the internet.

I can do a half-turn. Ok, as lame as that sound, but I honestly could not turn properly last time without stumbling or feeling dizzy. Jazz class at Studio Wu has been fun. A happy thing: I've dropped about 2 or 3kg since 1 Jan 2007.

Amanda foo and Clarissa are hilarious. Both of them, plus Jayne and I were talking about what our classmates would be doing in the future. Haha. That was quite interesting. Amanda was talking off what kind of guy she'd like to date, and she asked us all if we would ever marry a politician.

"What happens if the guy you like is really really nice but a politician?" I asked.
"If he's a good guy, he would not be a politician," says Amanda

"Ok no stress, stress will give me pimples," says Clarissa, her lips curving into a smile.

It's such funny quotes in class that make school fun. Mrs Low really loves us a lot, hence the reason why she found the time go by so slowly and left the class a few minutes earlier xD. Haha!

Mr Lee was very funny yesterday. He strayed off the topic of healthcare in Singapore and started discussing about the Rain concert a few weeks back, cause his brother was dragged by the brother's wife/their mother to go watch, and was so freaked out by all the fan-girling that went on, even by older ladies, as well as Rain's stripping of shirt.

Mr Lee also said that one day there may be an "S-Pop" a.k.a 'Singapore Pop'. Then we'd see him on stage dancing and singing! LMAO. Who wants to try to imagine that? My whole class could not stop laughing.

Ok, I have chinese tuition after this, followed by physics homework and studying for social studies and a maths next week. Plus I need to practise piano and dance.

By the way, if anyone wants to hang out, I'm more than happy to take up the offer within my parents' permission and whether I'm free or not. Haha. I need to relax