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Monday, February 05, 2007 11:09 PM


This is the nebuliser at Teoh Clinic in Mt E. It has helped me survive horrible cough and phlegm traumas since primary school.

Val has officially come down with the cough due to an infection somewhere in the lungs

It's annoying to be coughing almost every 2 minutes or so. Anyway, somehow sore throat from last week mutated into a cough, although strangely enough, my throat is no longer sore.

So obviously, I was absent from school today. I did, however, go back for my social studies common test (I'm such a guai kia). I forgot to report to the office after the test was over like Wai Jean had told me to, so being a responsible girl, I called the school general office....... and got a scolding from the lady for not reporting to the office in the first place -_-''. Sad, isn't it?

I had a nice chat with Dr Teoh today about my general health as well as my future studies. Some possibly good news: I just might be able to grow! Haha. Vertically, of course. Dr said that growing happens in between meals (means avoid snacking) and when you sleep (oh gosh, I'm unable to take naps, help!). He checked on my current fitness status, recommended that I should go swimming when I'm free or at least go jogging with someone.

Do you know that the minimum fitness schedule one should keep up is 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week? Unless Doctor was referring to a certain standard, but ouch. And to think I only dance twice or thrice a week.