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Friday, February 16, 2007 8:37 PM

Who says your closest friends only come from secondary school?

I just came back from hanging out with the HPPS 6Cians of 2003. Haha. I love 6C.

Today's chinese new year celebration was quite a disappointment - To me, the only nice parts was the face-changing performance and the total defence skit. Though Ms Lim and Ms Ho were really funny during their singing performance. No offence to the school though.

Then after that nicolle, genevieve (sec3) and I headed down to hpps. Only a few people were there, which goes to show that the longer you wait, the more people will turn up - Patience is a virtue.

LOL! Ok, lame. Seriously, though, we went at about 11.45, and by the time it was 2pm, a few more of the 6Cians came back. Here's some breaking news: MICHAEL ROSENBERGER, for the first time since he graduated from hpps, actually came back today! For a short while, but it was so good to see him again. Haha! Lookin' good, mike! Too bad you didn't join us for ice cream, horrible person.

Somewhere around 1 something we went to hang out in the gym and play on the trampolines and the sponge pit and the springy floor. 6Cians 03 just love the gym. Thanks Mr Teo for opening it up for us today to let us play a while.

So people who came back: Nicolle, cui tian, pammie, stace, dickson, mike, christopher, andrew, yuan zhi, nicholas, zestin, benjamin (love your camera, dude), nataniel and myself. Haha. Quite a good number considering the fact that we are sec4 this year; It's super rare for sec4s to go back to primary school.

So after chatting with mr lim and snapping some class pictures and camwhoring, we all headed to sunset way to buy ice cream at this palour that christopher got a job at some time ago. The ice cream there is quite nice, has their own original flavours like island cremery, and it's cheaper =X. I had this ice cream called "so berry cheez" which is like cheesecake with dark cherries in it. Nicee.

Then we chatted and laughed and poked fun at cui and pammie. Pammie has become a 'gang leader' as told by the guys; she apparently has a blacklist of people to kill with Dickson at the top of the list for annoying her. HAha. Cui... I shan't reveal the joke about her because it was a little crude, had to do with her T-shirt xD.

The rain was ridiculous on the way back. The lightning struck so hard that it took out one of the traffic lights. They actually called the police in to direct traffic i think. The rain came down so hard, almost could not see the outside when I was riding back in stacey's dad's car. Thanks Mr Goh and stacey for sending me home!

Oh, Mr Lim and Mr Goh both said that I slimmed down. Compliment. Compliment. Haha.