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Friday, February 23, 2007 5:29 PM

Sorry, sharon, been really busy these past few days! In fact, as I type this now, I'm studying for my geography test next monday!

Chinese New Year was quite fun. Since my highly sociable brother was not present, I felt that I had to speak up a bit more, and I did, which was quite fun. Look at my chinese new year outfit, heh heh. The other photo where my face could be seen made me look bleagh, and I didn't bother to edit this photo so just turn your head xD:


So on sunday morning, after 9am, chris and I headed back to grandpa david's and grandma monica's house to visit. Saw all our relatives there and head a bite for brunch. Grandma's cooking rocks! Haha. Then sat down and had a chat with my second cousins shaun and keith, as well as my brother Chris. My grandma's cousin's family also came over, and well, due to the distant relation, I did not recognise anyone, so I literally thought we first met until my grandma told me that we had met before. Oops. The children weren't so friendly though, except for the youngest boy named Matthew who gave Chris and I each a chocolate mint =D.

Monday was hectic! Haha. Mum and dad had returned from Melbourne the night before, and so we all went together to visit grandpa david and grandma monica again. Poor grandma was sick though, but we had a chance to talk to grandpa. Later on, at about 11am, mum's side of the family came over, and we had lunch.

Then we headed to Uncle Yong's house - I got to see my godpa and godma again. Yay! I always look forward to going to Uncle Yong's house, because the family always makes nice punch =D. Haha. Uncle, Uncle Yong and Auntie Beng cooked a lot of nice malay, indian and chinese foods like banana flower salad, curry, oxtail soup, etc. But since I was still quite full from lunch, I just took bread and some of the sauces to dip.

Next, we went to Auntie Vivian's house - All muslim foods, but still nice. Her chilli was the best man. Very spicy and nice to eat. She was so shocked that I could eat it, but it was really good stuff.

Our last stop was at Uncle Kim's house - Cooperate lawyers rock! They are so funny. Every year uncle kim was serve gourmet bak kwa and chinese sausages. I stopped eating bak kwa a few years ago, but I cannot resist the chinese sausages, especially the liver type, which is quite rare, I think. I met one of the ladies, Ms Lisa, who works in another firm and she and I chatted about dancing and church plays and all. Auntie Angela and mum kept talking about children and handling them, and I listened and gave my two cents every now and then. Uncle Kim made a logical comment during the day which was that, "You know, after being married for 20 years, a man would get bored. He'd want something else to play with and starts searching; therefore, when he asks the wife whether he can buy a car, the wife should say yes, so that the car can become his new toy, instead of another woman!"

The first thing Auntie Angela replied back, obviously in a JOKING manner, was, "Excuse me, who have you been married to for 20 years? I have not been married to you for 20 years," We all could not stop laughing. I then said, "Uncle Kim, you're playing with fire," Haha.

On tuesday, we literally slacked. The only thing we had to do was go for dinner at Auntie Mei's house, which was really good.

I'm lucky I didn't gain weight. Haha. Literally because I danced for 2 hours on sunday and on tuesday to keep my weight down. Yay.

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