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Saturday, March 10, 2007 10:32 AM

OhMyWord. My blogging has become super slack. To think I used to blog almost every day for a while - Nuts xD.

Congratulations to Cooke house for winning sports' day! Your cheerleading was great and your runners were very fast. Great job to Louisa, the house captain. Jia you, GageBrown, We can still win events this year, and we can rule Sports' day next year!

So anyway, after sports' day, I went manga-shopping with wai jean. We stopped at Macs near Clementi MRT to pick up a bite, then headed to her house. I LOOOVE her upstairs corridor, it's so spacious because there are no darn shelves aligned along the wall and taking up half the pathway, I was actually practising my jazz there. Haha.

Sadly though, suppliers are annoyingly slow on the stock-up of some manga issues - So I wasn't able to get Getbackers 15 or Prince of tennis 7, but I did manage to get the latest Rave Master. Wai Jean and I were like contemplating whether to buy some of the mangas - I was thinking of whether I should buy my 'missing' manga issues in Chinese, and she was wondering whether to buy one of those manga character books that came in Japanese. =X.

Progress Report! I did well this month, which was quite surprising considering the fact that some of my subjects went up and down for different tests. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

And well, my march holidays, as usual, has completely dissolved. When it comes to secondary school, you don't get term holidays, you can extra homework and study time. Sad right? In fact, I have a history class in about 45 minutes. Haiz.