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Sunday, March 11, 2007 11:46 PM

MAAAAANNNN, am I tired.

Thank you Daddy for driving me around today and having to sit through my horrible impatience.

BMW was rather interesting. Registeration was actually quite fun; call me weird, but it was quite fun. In the end, we did mess up something on our said, but all's well that ends well. We were busy in the morning before the event started, and we had the EXTREMELY AWESOME task of opening the doors of Republic Poly to let the crowd out to start their race. Haha. That was quite cool. We almost missed the horn sound, and had to push hard from the inside and swing around to the other side of the door so that we wouldn't get run over by the contestants.

Then we sat around and did nothing. Well, for half the time at least. The other half, Jayne and I were helping to wrap and decorate some of the consolations prizes. I must say, we did a good job. After that I rushed to ballet, and because I ended ballet late, so I just went home, no point going back because I had missed the ceremony to collect my certificate of appointment. I did what I could. Sorry to my seniors for my absence in the packing-up.

I must remember to get that picture from Alvin - Of Jayne, boss-man Roy, Syaiful and me. =D