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Sunday, April 22, 2007 11:10 PM

Mid years are around the corner.

I suppose you all know what that means right?

Ru Ying and I had a fun study session at Waffletown, Balmoral Plaza yesterday. I managed to cover three subjects: Social Studies, E Math and Geography. Poor Ru Ying was struggling along the way with her SS, but she did get some studying. Good job RuYing, keep it up! Work hard!

Today, thanks to service shooting overtime, a large number of people filling up the shuttle bus to Suntec City literally a few minutes before we reached the stop, and the long walk back via Citylink, Chris and I came home late from brunch. It started to rain, so in the end I decided, mixing together the horrid ideas of having to walk in the rain to get a cab and coming home by bus all sweaty and tired, that I'd skip ballet today. Anyway, my new term starts next week, and ATTITUDE was on term break today so no hip hop. I was even more productive than yesterday: I managed to cover 6 subjects and still discipline my sister and get her to do her work, take breaks, have her tea time, and play piano in an fixed schedule.

No wonder Ru Ying says that I seem like a mother. Now I know how my own mommy feels.

I think in some of my previous post, I used to talk about how I wished life was more interesting, like in those US drama series, or those books where the story is written like a diary. I wanted more drama in my life. You know what?

It doesn't get any better than this. Just trust me, it doesn't. I can't say that something exciting happens every day, but when things that are interesting enough do happen, it really makes you think. Yeah.